FirstEnergy Stadium Food

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FirstEnergy Stadium Food

Cleveland Browns Stadium (previously FirstEnergy Stadium) is the NFL stadium of the Cleveland Browns team at 100 Alfred Lerner Way, Cleveland, OH 44114. There are new food and drink choices each season at the arena. Here are the food and drink choices at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.


Also, I share my recommendations and thoughts on the food and drink choices for Cleveland Browns Stadium in this article.


Food Spotlight

Classic FirstEnergy Stadium Food Choices

Classic FirstEnergy Stadium Food Choices

  • C-Town Eats: Serving classic stadium foods like hot dogs, nachos, soda, and beer throughout the concession stands.
  • Tenders Love and Chicken: Chicken tenders, french fries, cole slaw, soda, water, beer, and more at section 128
  • The Burger Kitchen: Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, fries, soda, water, beer, and more at section 103
  • Michael Symon’s B-Spot: Milkshakes, fries, plant burgers, and more at sections 115, 307, and 546
  • Here we Go Nachos: Fans looking for nachos with cheese can find this stand throughout the concourse
  • Neo Pizza: Classic Italian slices of pizza at sections 133, 510, and 535
  • Brewski’s and Brats: Hot dogs, brats, hard seltzer, soda, water, beer, and more at section 140
  • Anchor Grill: Classic stadium like hot dogs and burgers at section 145


New Foods to Enjoy During a Cleveland Browns Game

New Foods to Enjoy During a Cleveland Browns Game

  • Great Lakes Cheesesteaks: Get the classic cheesesteak sandwich with meat, green onions, cheese, mushrooms, and more out in sections 121, 139, 420, 509 and 533
  • Impossible Thin Lizzy: Browns fans looking for a plant burger that tastes just like a genuine cheeseburger should head to sections 115 and 546
  • North Coast Nachos: A big box of nachos with generous amounts of cheese in sections 119, 141, 321, 246, 506, 529, and 544
  • Rocco Whalen’s Tremonster Potato Skins: Steak, cheese sauce, peppers, and more to share with your friends at the game
  • Pilot Flying Fast Favorites: Personal pizza, popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, chips, soda, water, beer, Gatorade, and more at sections 107, 110, 129, and 138


Classic Desserts at FirstEnergy Stadium

Classic Desserts at FirstEnergy Stadium

  • B Spot: Fans looking for a thick milkshake with loads of cookies, ice cream, and whip cream should head out to sections 115 and 546
  • The Loop and Kernal: Big soft pretzels loaded up with sugar and bags of popcorn out in concourse section 146
  • Candy: Fans can pickup candy at most concession stands at the venue


My Recommendations on Cleveland Browns Stadium Food

I have not been to the Cleveland Browns Stadium for a football game, but I can recommend something for fans going there for a game. If you only want to pickup drinks at the stadium, go to an express checkout lane. I’ve been to several stadiums that offer these checkout stations and can confirm they move you faster through them if you only want to grab drinks. Don’t waste your time waiting in a traditional concession stand line if you only want to grab drinks.


Can you Bring Outside Food into FirstEnergy Stadium?

According to the Cleveland Browns’ official website, fans can bring some outside food into the game. You can check out all of the rules of what outside food you can bring into the stadium here.


Also, be sure to visit the Cleveland Browns Stadium Bag Policy Guide to see what bags can come into the arena.


Can you Tailgate and Eat Before a Game?

Tailgating does take place in the parking lots before a Cleveland Browns football game. Your best place to tailgate is the Cleveland Municipal and 606 Summit Lot. Also, you are in downtown Cleveland, so you can go to a few bars around the area to pregame before the match.


Check out the FirstEnergy Stadium parking tips to save on your next visit.


Conclusion: Cleveland Browns Stadium Food

In summary, the Cleveland Browns update their food and drink choices each season to give something new for their fans to have on game day. If possible, try and get your drinks (and chips) from an express checkout lane. Those express checkout lanes move fans quickly through, which means you get back to your seat faster.

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