Fenway Park Food

fenway park food

Best Food at Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the ballpark home of the MLB Boston Red Sox team. Fenway Park is also the oldest baseball stadium in the game today, which makes it so iconic to visit. While the venue is old, it updates its food and drink menu yearly to give something new for fans to have during a game.


Here is the complete Fenway Park food and drink guide for your next event!


Classic Fenway Park Food Choices

classic fenway park food

  • Tasty Burger: Get Burgers, Fries, Shakes Cracker Jacks, and more
  • Fenway Frank: The staple hot dog of the Boston Red Sox. Also, you will find plenty of sausage vendors on the street and inside Fenway Park during the game
  • Donut Donuts: You can’t get more Boston than Dunkin Donuts. Enjoy coffee, donuts, and more during the game. Iced coffee is a treat during the summer via game days, but a hot coffee during the playoffs is excellent too.
  • Portable beer stands: There are numerous pop-up beer stands throughout the venue offering a wide-range of drinks for fans to enjoy on gameday 
  • Burger and Fries Combo: The classic burger and fries combo can be found throughout many concession stands throughout the concourse
  • Clam Chowder: Fans looking for clam chowder to enjoy during cold games can find that at the left field / right field pavilion and the Truly Terrace
  • Garden Salad: Gluten-free salads at gate A
  • Truly Terrace: A large bar with self-checkouts at the back of the right field bleachers. The Truly Terrace was a new feature added in 2022


New Food at Fenway Park

new food at fenway park

  • Yankee Lobster – Offering the classic Portland Maine lobster roll both cold and hot. The cold lobster roll serves on a warm roll with mayo, celery, and lettuce at Gate D and the Pavilion.
  • King’s Hawaiian: Pulled pork sliders and brisket sliders in the right field concourse and right field roof deck
  • Strega – Boston is home to the famous North End, which serves delicious Italian cuisine. Baseball fans visiting Fenway need to check out Strega, which offers the Meatball Cone, including meatballs, parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, dough, and more. You can find these at the Big Concourse, Home Plate Concourse, and Gate E.
  • Regina Pizzeria: Fans can enjoy the brick-oven pizza from Regina’s, which brings that North End feeling into the ballpark. Regina’s is arguably the best pizza in Boston, so check it out at the Big Concourse, Gate E, Third Base Deck, First Base Concourse, and the standing room Right Field Roof Deck.
  • Taste of Boston: If you plan to visit Fenway Park multiple times in a season, you need to check out Taste of Boston. Taste of Boston brings in two different local vendors each month to introduce their menu to fans. 
  • By Chloe: Serving “Fenway Nachos” with black beans, salsa, guacamole, tomatoes, and more.
  • El Pelon: Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more


Classic Dessert Choices

Classic Dessert Choices

  • Jane Dough: Cookie dough with soft-serve ice cream, whip cream, and more toppings
  • Ice Cream: Pretty much wherever you go, you will find ice cream stands at Fenway Park. Some of the ice cream menus include the “Banana Splitter,” your usual vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream with hot fudge, banana, and whip cream. Dippin Dots is also a classic at the venue, along with “build your own sundae” out in the center field corner of the big concourse. 
  • Candy: Fans can pick up candy and ore at many of the concession stands around the venue
  • Cotton Candy: Many concession stands sell cotton candy to enjoy on gameday


Can You Bring Food into Fenway Park?

You cannot bring food into Fenway Park from the outside to watch a Red Sox game. If you are looking for gluten-free food options, you can find that at the Home Plate Deck, Gate E, the Pavilion, and Big Concourse. In addition to gluten-free, Red Sox fans looking for vegetarian food options can visit the salad bar / get a veggie burger at the Visitor’s Clubhouse area.


Also, be sure to visit the Fenway Park Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the stadium.


Can You Smoke in the Facility?

Smoking is not allowed inside Fenway Park.


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Popular Matches Against the Boston Red Sox

Popular Matches Against the Boston Red Sox

While the Red Sox are popular, specific matches draw a more “intense” crowd than others during the season. Expect massive crowds and excitement when the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros, and Toronto Blue Jays visit. The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays are division rivals and tend to play against each other often in the postseason, so fans tend to find these matches more critical.


If you are looking for cheaper games to attend, consider going during the workweek. Day games during the week tend to be cheaper than on the weekends. In addition to that, games against the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins, and Seattle Mariners tend to be less popular matches.


How Many World Series Have the Boston Red Sox Won?

How Many World Series Have the Boston Red Sox Won

The Boston Red Sox organization have won a total of nine World Series Championships. Their most recent World Series victory came in 2018, and before that was 2013. Before breaking the curse in 2004 with a World Series victory, the Red Sox went 86 years between championships.


What is the Average Seating Capacity at a Red Sox Game?

What is the Average Seating Capacity at a Red Sox Game

In 2023, Fenway Park is averaging around 31k fans per game. The total capacity at Fenway Park is around 37k.


Conclusion: Fenway Park Food

Getting Red Sox tickets and catching a baseball game at Fenway Park is an experience. You should arrive early and spend time at the bars on Lansdowne Street before entering the game. Some of the best bars include Bleacher Bar, Cask N Flagon, and Bills. All three bars are behind Fenway Park, while Bleacher Bar is part of the Green Monster. Fans can grab a beer and watch batting practice in Bleacher Bar, which is fun!


If you are coming to Fenway Park for the first time, you should be familiar with the Fenway Park Parking situation. Finding parking around Fenway Park and Boylston Street is difficult, so plan ahead of time. If you can take the train to Kenmore Square from wherever you are coming from, you should consider doing that to save money.


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