Coca-Cola Park Food

Coca-Cola Park Food

Best Food at Coca-Cola Park

Coca-Cola Park is home to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs AAA team at 1050 IronPigs Way, Allentown, PA 18109. The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team. While the stadium has been around since 2008, the venue updates its food and drink menu yearly to make the game day experience great for catching a game.


Here is the complete Coca-Cola Park food and drink guide.


Classic Coca-Cola Park Food

Classic Coca-Cola Park Food

  • Beer Kiosk Stands: Numerous stands sell a wide selection of beer for fans during a baseball game.
  • Aw Shucks Corn: Roasted corn on the cob at section 118 and the TD Bank Plaza
  • Blast Furnace Grill: Bacon cheese fries, bacon, porker pierogi bowls, chicken tender, black bean burgers, crispy chicken sandwich, French Fries, cheese curds, peanuts, soda, water, beer, and more at the TD Bank Plaza
  • Center Field Grill: Classic ballpark meals, including hot dogs, pretzels, potato chips, chicken tenders, and more in the center field area
  • Home Plate Grill: Bacon cheese fries, chicken tenders, fries, and more in section 109
  • Plaza Beer Kiosk: Offering a wide selection of beer choices at the TD Bank Plaza


New Food at Coca-Cola Park

  • Bru Daddy’s Bier Garten: Offering a wide selection of beer, cider, and more in section 308
  • Gluten-Free Food Options: Gluten-free pork parfait, hot dogs, porker sandwiches, and more in section 106
  • Gyro Company: Offering chidken, veggie, and original gyros at the TD Bank Plaza
  • Hot and Fresh Pizza: Classic pizza slices at section 109
  • Jaindl Smoke House: Brisket bowls, pulled turkey sandwiches, turkey legs, and more in section 118
  • Philly Grill: Serving the classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, soda, water, beer, and more in sections 109 and 117
  • Pork N Chips: Nacho porkers and more in section 107


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Dippin Dots: Fans can find Dippin Dots stands on the first and third base side of the stadium
  • Home Plate Ice Cream: A wide selection of ice cream flavors at section 109
  • Nuts for You: Candy nuts at section 207
  • Rita’s Italian Ice: Italian ice cream at section 118
  • Scoo-Eeey’te Spot Froyo: Offering frozen yogurt treats at section 206
  • Blast Furnace Grill: Chocolate-covered bacon at the TD Bank Plaza
  • Cotton Candy: Fans will see vendors walking up and down the aisles selling cotton candy during the game


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks into Coca-Cola Park

Fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the Lehigh Valley IronPigs stadium. That includes not being able to bring bottled water into the stadium.


However, if you need to bring in baby food or something similar, you can. Plan to put that type of food into a clear plastic bag to allow the security team to review it at the gate.


Finally, be sure to visit the Coca-Cola Park Bag Policy guide to see what you can bring into the ballpark.


Popular Bars and Restaurants Near the Stadium

There aren’t many food and drink options within walking distance of the Minor League Baseball Ballpark. Therefore, your best bet is to eat directly at the ballpark since the food options are more extensive.


However, if you want a drink after the game, you can head to Tipsy’s Bar and Lounge. That place is within walking distance of the minor league stadium.


Popular Matches Against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Syracuse and Scranton are the biggest rivals of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Worcester is another team rival since they are part of the Eastern Division of the International League.


However, regardless of the team, promotion nights tend to draw a large crowd to the ballpark. Be sure to look at the schedule to see what games have the best giveaways to get the best game-day experience when heading to the ballpark.


What is the Max Seating Capacity at the Venue?

The max seating capacity at Coca-Cola Park is 10,178.