Amon G. Carter Stadium Food

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Amon G. Carter Stadium Food

Amon G. Carter Stadium is home to the TCU Horned Frogs college football team at 2850 Stadium Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109. Since opening in 1930, the venue has undergone numerous renovations to dramatically change the stadium’s look by adding more seats. Outside of adding more seats to the stadium, the team continues to improve other gameday experiences for fans, which includes what they offer in their concession stands.


Here is the complete Amon G. Carter Stadium food and drink guide for your next TCU Horned Frogs college football game.


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Classic Amon G. Carter Stadium Food

Classic Amon G. Carter Stadium Food

TCU Concessions: Classic football food, including hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, potato chips, soda, water, beer, seltzer, and more, throughout the concourse
Chicken Express: Classic chicken tenders, French fries, soda, water, beer, bad more in sections 101, 112, 120, and 128
Hot Dog Stand: Fans looking for hot dogs can find this in section 111
Portable Beer Carts: There are multiple beer carts throughout the concourse to get a drink during a game
Craft Beer Stand: Fans looking for craft beer can find this in sections 116 and 306
North End Zone: A wide selection of beer choices in sections 222
Grab & Go: Fans looking to grab quick snacks and drinks can find this area in sections 102, 118, 126, and 310. Also, considering going here if you don’t want to wait in line to get something quick to eat and drink.


New Food to Enjoy at Amon G. Carter Stadium

Bobby’s Fajitas: Nachos, quesadillas, tamales, soda, water, beer, and more in section 114
Riff Ram BBQ: BBQ dishes, soda, water, beer, and more in section 129
Buffalo Bros: Pizza slices in sections 108, 120, 306


Classic Dessert Choices

King Horn: Popcorn in sections 106, 115, 126, and 398
Ben’s Soft Pretzels: Gourmet pretzels in sections 120 and 306
Bavarian Nuts: Roasted nuts in sections 107 and 126
Dippin Dots: Multiple flavors of Dippin Dots ice cream in sections 106, 116, 126, and 307
Dusty Biscuit: Beignets in section 111
Candace’s Creations: Funnel cakes in section 123
Candy: Most of the concession stands offer candy to get


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Beverages into Amon G. Carter Stadium

Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Beverages into Amon G. Carter Stadium

Fans can’t bring outside food into the TCU Horned Frogs college football stadium. However, you can bring one factory-sealed water bottle into the stadium. Otherwise, if you want to eat during the game, you will need to get something from the concession stands.


Read the team’s official A-Z section on their website for more information.


Can You Tailgate and Eat Before a Game?

Tailgating is a large part of the culture of attending a game at Amon G. Carter Stadium. Fans arrive hours before kickoff to set up their area for tailgating with friends and family. Also, there will be plenty of fun things for families to do before a game near the stadium outside of traditional tailgating.


Visit the team’s official tailgating section on their website to learn about the policies and catering opportunities.


Also, be sure to visit the Amon G. Carter Stadium Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.

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