Xcel Energy Center Bag Policy

Xcel Energy Center Bag Policy

Xcel Energy Center is home to the Minnesota Wild NHL team at 199 W Kellogg Blvd, St Paul, MN 55102. The bag policy at the Minnesota Wild Arena is that traditional bags, backpacks, and purses can’t come into the venue with fans. The only approved bags that fans can bring are small clutches/ wallets that don’t exceed 4″ x 6″ x 1.5″ and medical and diaper bags.


Here is the complete Xcel Energy Center bag policy guide for your next event.


How Does the Xcel Energy Center Security Team Review Bags?

How Does the Xcel Energy Center Security Team Review Bags

Fans attending an Xcel Energy Center event will undergo a metal detector screening before scanning their ticket for stadium admission. Fans with small clutch bags or similar ones will also go through a bag inspection at the entry gate. If a fan has a medical or diaper bag, they should head to Gate 1 of the arena to have that item inspected by the staff.


For the most part, Xcel Energy Stadium tries and limits the number of bags that can come into the arena with fans. Therefore, unless you plan to bring in a medical or small clutch bag, consider leaving all other bags at home or in your car since they can’t come into the arena. Below are the types of bags that the stadium security staff will allow fans to bring in for a game or concert.


  • Small clutch bags that don’t exceed 4″ x 6″ x 1.5″
  • Medical and diaper bags


What are the Prohibited Items that Fans Can’t Bring into Xcel Energy Center?

What are the Prohibited Items that Fans Can't Bring into Xcel Energy Center

Fans attending an Xcel Energy Center event should understand that certain things can’t come into the arena with them. Some of those items that can’t go into the stadium are below. Check out the full guest services page for the venue for the most up-to-date prohibited items list information.


  • Weapons of any kind
  • Laptops and iPads
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Selfie sticks
  • Animals not for ADA purposes
  • Wrapped gifts
  • Bags that are not approved to come into the arena


Is There a Bag Check or Locker Storage Area at Xcel Energy Center?

There is a bag check area at gate 3 of the venue for fans who need a place to leave their bag before heading into the arena. The bag check fee is $10 and runs on a first-come and first-served basis. Using the bag check area at Xcel Energy Center works well for fans coming straight from work to the game who need a place to store their laptop bag since they can’t take them to their seat.


You can also leave your bag in your car before heading to the arena. Leaving your bag in your vehicle works best since there is no cost to store your stuff there, and you don’t have to wait in line after the game to pick up your property.


Also, if you can’t get a locker at the venue and don’t have a car to leave your stuff in, see if a nearby restaurant or hotel can watch your stuff. Most place charge a holding bag fee to watch bags for fans attending a game at Xcel Energy Center. The holding bag fee is similar to the locker storage fee directly at the stadium.


Parking and Food Information for a Minnesota Wild Game

Fans driving out to see the Minnesota Wild play can save money on a parking spot with SpotHero. SpotHero has plenty of affordable parking options within walking distance of the venue. Also, you can reserve your parking space beforehand, which will save you time looking for a place to park. Visit the Xcel Energy Center parking guide for more information.


Fans can’t bring any outside food or drinks into the venue. Visit the Xcel Energy Center Food Guide to see what you can eat at the arena. Also, it is worth highlighting that some of the food on that guide may be different than your experience. The food and drinks change yearly at the arena, so there is always something new to try.