Minute Maid Park Parking

minute maid park parking

Parking Near Minute Maid Park for the Houston Astros

Minute Maid Park is the home of the Houston Astros Major League baseball team. The exact address of the venue is  501 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002. Here is the guide to Minute Maid Park parking.


How Much is Parking at Minute Maid Park?

Many people wonder how much parking near Minute Maid Park will be for a baseball game. If you plan to park in the Minute Maid Park parking lots, you can expect to pay around $30. Parking rates will vary depending on how far you are willing to walk, or the event taking place at the arena. The Diamond Lot along with lots B,C, and D can go as low as $10 for parking for select games.


Is there Handicap Parking at Minute Maid Park?

Minute Maid Park offers handicap parking options and parking spots for fans to use at the ballpark. Accessible parking is in lot A and the Diamond Lot at the stadium. Finally, fans will need to present a valid placard and license plate to park in the ADA spaces at the venue.


Is there Tailgating at Minute Maid Park?

There is no tailgating in any of the Astros parking lots at Minute Maid Park. However, fans can venture to the downtown bars before or after a game to drink. Some of the best bars to check out include HTX Fan Tavern, The Press Box Bar, and the Rec Room.


Can You Bring Your Food into Minute Maid Park

can you bring food into minute maid park


According to MLB.com, Astros fans can bring on one sealed bottle of water into the venue on game day. Furthermore, fans cannot bring food into Minute Maid Park during the baseball season, but rules may be different for concerts.  Check out the Minute Maid Park Food guide before your next visit!


Can you Smoke at the Ballpark?

Smoking is not allowed inside Minute Maid Park. However, fans looking to smoke need to be further than 25 feet from the stadium.


Is there Public Transportation?

Fans can use the Metrorail which has a station six blocks away from the arena. Some restaurants and hotels offer shuttle services and local buses to 501 Crawford Street for games and special events too. Finally, fans can use Uber and Lyft to get to and from the baseball stadium.


Popular Matches

popular matches for the houston astros

The Astros are one of the best teams in baseball, so you can expect large crowds to come to the ballpark each day. Games against the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, and Los Angeles Angels bring in large crowds. Other matches against the Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, and Colorado Rockies generally have less visiting fans.


Other Notes

In addition to baseball games in Houston, you also have a football and basketball team in nearby the baseball field. The Houston Texans football team plays at NRG Stadium and the Houston Rockets play basketball at Toyota Center. If you are looking for NRG Stadium Parking or Toyota Center Parking, you can visit both links.