London Stadium Parking

London Stadium Parking

Parking for West Ham United F.C.

London Stadium (formerly Olympic Stadium) was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics games in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. After the tournament, the venue became home to West Ham United, part of the English Premier League. Outside of hosting football games, Olympic Stadium hosts concerts, rugby matches, motorsports, and even Major League Baseball games for fans to enjoy year-round.


Here is the complete guide to London Stadium parking for event days and matches.


How Much is Parking for West Ham United Football Club?

How Much is Parking for West Ham United Football Club

Fans looking for unofficial parking spaces near London Stadium can expect to pay £25. However, prices for these parking spaces tend to fluctuate based on how far you are willing to walk, the matchup or event, and parking availability around the area. Check out Your Parking Space’s official website to secure one of these unofficial parking spaces ahead of the game.


Also, be aware that there are numerous parking restrictions around the stadium to stop fans from leaving their cars on the street near the arena. The parking restrictions are there to help keep the flow of traffic moving. Your best bet is to book a parking space ahead of time, so you don’t risk parking in an area you should not.


London Stadium Accessible Car Park Options

There are 49 official blue badge parking spaces for fans to use at Marshgate Lane at Bridge 3. In addition to those 49 official blue badge parking spaces, there is street parking for blue badge holders at Blue Badge bays and residents’ bay. Fans should visit the official accessibility guide for London Stadium to secure one of these accessible parking spots for your next event.


Is There Tailgating / Pubs Around London Stadium?

Is There Tailgating Pubs Around London Stadium

Fans looking to meet up with friends at pubs near the arena on matchday will have many options. Some places near the stadium include The Carpenter’s Arms, The Queens Head, The Greyhound, The Cow, and Escape Bar Stratford. As the time gets closer to kickoff, fans walk from these pubs together to The Olympic Stadium to prepare for the match.


Also, be sure to visit the London Stadium food guide to see what is at the venue.


Can You Smoke Inside Olympic Stadium?

There is no smoking in Olympic Stadium for any game or event.


Should I Take Public Transport to London Stadium?

Fans looking to take the London Overground and London Underground train to the game can get off at Stratford International Station. The lines that go there include Elizabeth Line, Central Line, Jubilee Lines, National Rail, and Docklands Light Railway (DLR). It is about a 15-minute walk from the train station to the arena.


Taking the bus to the London Stadium is another easy way to get to and from the arena. The bus routes that bring fans to the game at Stratford City Bus Station include D18, 308, 339, and 388. Fans should review these bus routes before gameday to ensure they know what to take to the venue.


Finally, cycling to the London Stadium is very easy due to the London Cycle Superhighway. The London Cycle Superhighway brings fans from central London right to Stratford City. Once fans get to the arena, there are eight cycle docking stations to secure your bike safely.


Popular Matches Against West Ham United F.C.

Popular Matches Against West Ham United F.C

Catching a game at London Stadium is always special. If you plan to go to your first West Ham United Football Club match at their arena, consider going when their rivals play them. The rivals of West Ham United include Millwall F.C., Sheffield United, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester United.


How Big is the Seating Capacity at Olympic Park?

The seating capacity for a soccer match is 62,500. For other events like concerts, the seating capacity can increase to 80,000.