Ford Field Parking

Last updated on November 21st, 2023 at 07:36 am

Ford Field Parking

Ford Field is the home of the Detroit Lions NFL team. The location of the venue sits out on 2000 Brush St, Detroit, Mi 48226. Outside of hosting NFL games, Ford Field also has numerous concerts and other events at the arena year round.


Here are the parking tips at Ford Field for your next event.


Official Parking at the Stadium

There are official parking lots that are across from Ford Field to use on game day. Visit this link to see the official parking map in and around Ford Field to use for a game or concert. If you were looking to purchase parking from these official lots, you can visit this link. As a note, parking rates may vary depending on the event that you are looking to catch at the stadium.


My Recommendation on Parking + Experience with SpotHero

From my experience, I’ve had nothing but good experiences using SpotHero to save money on parking. With Ford Field being in the city of Detroit, you will find plenty of unofficial parking options within walking distance of the venue to consider. It is worth checking out that listing above to see how much unofficial parking goes for in and around Ford Field. 


Ford Field Handicap Parking

There are handicap spaces available in all lots for fans to use for any event at the venue. Please note that all accessible parking spaces come at a first come and first serve basis. Fans will need to show a valid parking pass and state-issued license plate to leave their vehicle in these parking spaces. Handicap parking is available in Lot 4 for all fans to use.


Is there Tailgating?

is there tailgating at ford field

Tailgate parties in the parking lots are a core component for Lions football games. You can find fans grilling, drinking, and partying in the parking lots before each match at the venue. In addition to traditional tailgating, fans typically head over to the Easter Market before the game.


The Eastern Market is about a 10-minute walk to the venue and has fun and exciting tailgate festivities for fans to check out. Finally, Greektown has many fan festivities happening before games too, so check that out as well.


Check out the Ford Field Food guide before your next visit! Also, be sure to visit the Ford Field Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

There are public transportation alternatives for fans to consider when coming to the venue. Fans can take the local bus or rail to get to and from the arena. Bus routes 003, 004, 006, 019, and 023 all have routes bring fans to the game. In addition to the bus, fans can use DPM and QLINE Light Rail to get to and from the arena.


Finally, fans can use a rideshare program to get to and from Ford Field for a game or concert. 

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