FLA Live Arena Parking

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FLA Live Anrea (Originally BB&T Center) Parking for the Florida Panthers

FLA Live Arena is home to the NHL Florida Panthers team out in Sunrise, South Florida. The arena’s address out in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area sits out on 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL 33323, United States.


Here are the parking tips for the venue!


How Much is FLA Live Arena Parking?

How Much is FLA Live Arena Parking

If you plan to park in the FLA Live Arena (BB&T Center) parking lots, you can expect to pay around $20. Numerous factors will change the price for parking including the day of the week, the event, and the match up for Florida Panthers.


FLA Live Arena Handicap Parking Spots

There are handicap parking options at the venue for fans to use in Lot 6. Lot 6 sits across from the main gate and offers accessible parking spaces in Lots A1 and D2. Fans will need to display their handicap parking pass in their rearview mirror and having a proper placard. Finally, fans can ask the friendly parking staff in the garages on where to park if there are questions.


Can you Tailgate at the Stadium?

Tailgating takes place in the parking lots at the stadium before hockey games and events. Fans can set up tailgating sections with coolers, beer, strollers, backpacks, chairs and more, but can’t bring those items into the arena. In addition to tailgating, fans can also check out the local bars near the hockey stadium.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

Fans looking to take public transportation to the arena for Panther’s hockey game can use the bus. Look for the 595 Express Bus that brings fans to and from the stadium. In addition to the bus, fans can use a rideshare program like Uber and Lyft. The official pick-up and drop-off areas at the venue is gate 7. 


Popular NHL Matches for the Florida Panthers

popular matches for the florida panthers
Florida Panthers hockey games are exciting to catch if you are in the area. Expect more fan interest when the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Detroit Red Wings visit. Other big matches include the Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, New York Islanders, and New York Rangers. Finally, preseason games can draw large crowds when the Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, and Tampa Bay Lightning visit.


Other Notes

The venue sits about three hours (180 miles) away from where the Tampa Bay Lightning play hockey at Amalie Arena. If you are looking for Amalie Arena Parking, you can check out that resource.


Also, be sure to visit the FLA Live Arena food guide to see what you can get at the venue on matchday. Aling with that, check out the FLA Live Arena Bag Policy guide to see what you can bring into the arena.