Etihad Stadium Parking

Etihad Stadium Parking

Parking for Manchester City F.C.

Etihad Stadium is home to Manchester City Football Club., which is part of the English Premier League. Manchester City’s home opened in 2003 as a football stadium at Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF, United Kingdom. Outside of hosting soccer matchday events, the soccer venue hosts numerous concerts, events, and shows year-round for fans.


Here is the complete guide to Etihad Stadium parking for your next game or event.


How Much is Parking for Manchester City F.C.?

How Much is Parking for Manchester City F.C.

The official parking lots for Manchester City have ANPR, which stands for Auto Number Plate Recognition. Using the official site to book your parking ahead of time, you can bring your car to the Blue and Green Car park areas in the Etihad Campus with this information filled out. Parking goes for £10 for single users and £8 for more than one passenger.


If you cannot get official parking on the Etihad Campus, fans can find numerous unofficial parking areas nearby using Your Sparking Space. Most of the lots will vary in price, but fans should expect £20. However, the price for these unofficial parking spaces will vary depending on availability, what team Man City is playing that day in soccer, and more.


Finally, on-street parking is only for residents in the area. A resident parking scheme is set up to discourage fans from leaving their car on the street to take advantage of free parking. If you leave your vehicle in an area you are not supposed to, you run your own risk of a ticket and or having your car towed.


Etihad Stadium Accessible Parking

Etihad Stadium Accessible Parking

There are Blue Badge parking spaces in the Orange and Blue lots at the arena for fans to use. The nearest accessible parking option is Lot 0, which is orange and is off Alan Turing Way. In addition, a transport service can bring fans to the stadium if they need additional assistance from these accessible parking spaces.


Fans should book their accessible parking spot ahead of time as availability comes on a first come and first serve basis on event days.


Can You Bring Your Food into Etihad Stadium?

Fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into Etihad Stadium for any concert, game, or event. Check out the Etihad Stadium Food guide to see what’s at the venue!


Is There Tailgating / Meetups Before a Match?

Going to the pub before a Manchester City Football Club is part of the experience of attending a home match. Some pubs nearby the arena include Grove Inn, The Edinburgh Castle Pub, The Town, and the Corner Shop. Fans should arrive at these pubs a few hours before kickoff to participate in the festivities and hang out with the team’s supporters before game time.


Can You Smoke Inside the Football Stadium?

There is no smoking allowed inside the club’s soccer arena.


Should I Take Public Transport to Etihad Stadium?

Taking the Metrolink to and from the Etihad Campus Stop is the best way to get to the arena. It is a short five min walk from this metro station to the stadium, which makes it convenient. On match days, you can expect the Metrolink to run every ten minutes to get fans to and from the arena. However, one tip is to buy your Metrolink ahead of time to avoid the lines.


Numerous bus lines bring fans to Etihad Stadium for games and events. The bus lines to use are 53, 171, 188, 216, 217, 231, 236, and 237. Fans can head to the Ashton New Road area in front of Lots B, C, and D to get on most of these bus lines.


Finally, fans can also cycle to and from the stadium. There are many bike racks around the stadium for secure bike parking. Taking your bike to the arena might be the best parking option for individuals who want to avoid the hassle of getting on a bus or a train after a match.


Popular Matches Against Manchester City

Popular Matches Against Manchester City

Catching a home Manchester City match should be at the top of the list for any EPL fan. The games that draw the most fan passion and interest are when Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea visit. Other popular games against the club are against Tottenham, Newcastle United, and Leeds United visit.


How Big is the Seating Capacity at the Soccer Arena?

The max seating capacity for an association football match at Man City’s venue is 53,400.