Etihad Stadium Food

Etihad Stadium Food

Best Food at Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium (City of Manchester Stadium) is home to Manchester City Football Club, one of the most famous English Premier League clubs. The stadium opened in 2002 at Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF, United Kingdom. Outside of hosting soccer games, the venue accommodates concerts, events, and rugby matches.


Here is the complete guide to the food and drinks at Etihad Stadium.


Classic Etihad Stadium Food

Classic Etihad Stadium Food

  • City Kitchen: Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, soda, water, beer, and more can be found throughout the venue in many concessions stands.
  • City Bar: Serving up a wide selection of beer and more for fans to enjoy on matchday. The City Bar concession stands are throughout the concourse at the venue.
  • Hip Hop Chip Shop: Fish and chips, French fries, sausages, soda, water, beer, and more
  • H.M. Pasties: Steak and pasty chicken pies, soda, water, beer, and more.


New Food at Etihad Stadium

New Food at Etihad Stadium

  • New Craft Beer Stands: Some of the new craft brew stations that fans can find in the Northern Quarter of the Man City stadium include Track Brewing, Runaway Brewing, Seven Brothers, and Beatnikz Republic.
  • Eat New York: Offering up classic meals like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, soda, water, beer, milkshakes, and more at the City Square Zone.
  • South Manny Flavaz: Chicken and waffles, chicken tenders, French fries, soda, water, beer, and more in the City Square Zone
  • Panchos Burritos: Offering up street food pork, beef, chicken, and more burritos to enjoy on game day in the City Square


Classic Dessert Choices

  • City Bar and City Kitchen: Fans looking for chocolates, potato chips, and candy to enjoy on matchday can find them at the numerous concessions stands in the concourse.


Can You Bring Outside Food or Drinks into Manchester City Stadium?

According to the help guide of Mancity, fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the stadium on matchday. However, if you have specific dietary questions that require you to bring in food, feel free to contact the team. Use this link to get to the contact us page for Manchester City.


Popular Pubs and Restaurants Near Manchester City Stadium

There are a few pubs and restaurants near the City of Manchester Stadium to visit before or after kickoff. Some nearby places include The Townley, Mary D’s Beamish Bar, Maine Road Chippy, The Corner Shop, and the Bradford Inn. Be sure to arrive a few hours before kickoff if you plan to go to these areas to enjoy the fan festivities.


Also, visit the Etihad Stadium Parking guide before driving to the arena. Visiting that guide can help you know where and not to park on matchday.


Can You Smoke Inside the Arena?

According to, there is no smoking inside the stadium or Etihad Campus.


Popular Manchester City F.C. Matches

Popular Manchester City F.C. Matches

The biggest rival to Manchester City Football Club is Manchester United. These two are in the same city and have been playing against each other since 1881. Catching a game against Manchester United should be at the top of any Man City fans list.


Outside of the main rivalry game, there are other matches that city fans look forward to each season. Those matches include when Brighton, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool come to town. In addition to that, games against Aston Villa, Newcastle, and Tottenham are also popular games too.


Also, it is worth noting that any game you go to at Etihad Stadium will be a treat regardless of who they are playing. You will have a great experience at this stadium, from a friendly match to a championship game.


What is the Max Seating Capacity?

The max seating capacity at the soccer stadium is 53,400. However, the total capacity can increase during a live music concert or other events.