The Case for a Weekly Debate Show on Apple’s MLS Season Pass

The Case for a Weekly Debate Show on Apple's MLS Season Pass

2023 was the first season of Apple hosting MLS games. During that season, I had a lot of thoughts on what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what I thought could be improved for the 2024 season and beyond. One thing I noticed watching ESPN recently was the number of debate-type shows for NFL and NBA games, which made me realize that MLS could benefit from this as well.


In this post, I will share why creating a weekly debate show on MLS Season Pass on Apple can be beneficial.


As a note, this is an opinion piece by Greg Kristan. I’ve been a fan of MLS since 2022, so I’m a relatively new fan of the league. However, I spent 2023 watching a lot of content on Season Pass, so I feel I have ideas that can help the league grow with this service.


The Power of Debate:

The Power of Debate

One of the driving forces behind the popularity of sports leagues is the ongoing narrative and discussion surrounding them. The NBA and NFL have capitalized on this by introducing weekly debate shows, where seasoned analysts dissect recent matches, discuss player performances, and predict upcoming fixtures. For example, you have Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, First Take, and much more daily that highlight the NBA and NFL.


It’s time for MLS to embrace a similar format, adding a new layer of excitement and engagement for fans.


Creating a Daily Dialogue:

Creating a Daily Dialogue

A weekly debate show on MLS Season Pass could be a game-changer. By transforming this into a daily occurrence, the league can maintain a constant presence in fans’ minds throughout the week. The daily show could cover various topics, including team tactics, standout player performances, injury updates, and even delve into the league’s broader landscape, such as trade rumors and transfer news.


Building Storylines for Matchdays:

Building Storylines for Matchdays

One of the primary benefits of a daily debate show is its ability to create compelling storylines leading up to the weekend matches. Analysts can explore the narratives surrounding key matchups, discuss the implications of recent results, and build anticipation for upcoming clashes. This keeps fans engaged and adds layers of intrigue to the games themselves.


Expert Analysis and Insights:

Expert Analysis and Insights

A well-produced debate show can feature seasoned soccer analysts, former players, and knowledgeable insiders who provide expert analysis and insights. This educates fans about the game’s intricacies and fosters a deeper appreciation for the tactical nuances that unfold on the field. The show can serve as a platform for in-depth discussions beyond the surface-level commentary often seen in traditional pre-game shows.


Fan Involvement and Interactivity:

Fan Involvement and Interactivity

To further enhance the fan experience, the debate show could incorporate elements of interactivity. Fans could submit questions, participate in polls, and engage in debates through social media platforms. This strengthens the sense of community among fans and allows for a diverse range of opinions to be considered on air, making the show more dynamic and inclusive.


Expanding MLS Season Pass on Apple’s Reach:

Expanding MLS Season Pass on Apple's Reach

Introducing a daily MLS Season Pass debate show could significantly expand the league’s reach. By leveraging the popularity of Apple’s streaming platform, the show can tap into a vast audience, reaching fans on their preferred devices. This move could attract new viewers who may not yet be avid soccer followers but are drawn to the engaging discussions and narratives presented on the show.


Creates More Content to Visit the Platform:

One major issue with MLS Season Pass was the high cost of how often I would use the service. As a user, I would watch the preview for NYCFC and then the match on that Saturday, which meant I was only tuning into the program once a week. There was only one reason to watch MLS Season Pass: if I wanted to watch the once-a-week MLS wrap-up show, which was always around 30 (or so) minutes.


Instead, having a daily debate show would create new content for me to tune into as a league fan. For example, a debate show before an LAFC and LA Galaxy game where the hosts talk about the importance of the game and debate on which team owns LA would be interesting to me. The same goes for some storylines between the players and the managers explaining why this game matters. The most prominent example of this was the Rose Bowl game last season and why it was such a big deal. For instance, why is this game so unique if you live in LA and are a fan of either team?



In the ever-evolving landscape of sports entertainment, MLS has an opportunity to elevate the fan experience by introducing a daily debate show on MLS Season Pass. By taking inspiration from successful models in other major sports leagues, the league can create a dynamic and interactive platform that builds excitement, fosters discussion, and ultimately strengthens the connection between fans and the beautiful game. It’s time to turn the spotlight on MLS throughout the week, creating a narrative far beyond the 90 minutes on the pitch.


Also, as a fan, I would like more content throughout the week. I feel there is so much more the league can do, so I’m hoping they can integrate more content throughout the week!

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