Philadelphia Union Tickets


Philadelphia Union Tickets

The Philadelphia Union team is a member of Major League Soccer that play their home games at Subaru Park. Subaru Park’s location is 2501 Seaport Dr, Chester, Pennsylvania 19013, and is around 15 miles or so from downtown Philadelphia. The stadium can accommodate 18k fans per game, making most games completely sold out. Therefore, if you plan on going to a Philadelphia Union game, you should try and pick up your tickets ahead of time instead of relying on getting tickets at the gate.


Here is the complete breakdown of buying Philadelphia Union tickets and more.


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How Much are Philadelphia Union Tickets?


The cheapest tickets at Subaru Park for a home game start at $40 and go up from there. Due to the total seating capacity of only 18k fans at Subaru Park, most games result in sellouts, meaning ticket prices increase on third-party sites. You can expect ticket prices to increase during the season when New York City FC, New York Red Bulls, Inter Miami CF, Toronto FC, and New England Revolution come to town.


Meanwhile, the games that tend to be the least expensive against the Union are when there is a U.S. Open Cup Match. These matches are outside the traditional MLS schedule, which means MLS teams tend not to start their entire starting lineup. Therefore, ticket demand for these games is less expensive than for any regular season MLS match.


Finally, when Philadelphia Union is in the playoffs or MLS Cup Final, you can expect ticket prices to be much higher than a regular season game.


Where is the Supporter’s Section at Subaru Park?

Where is the Supporter’s Section at Subaru Park

The Supporters’ Section at Subaru Park is between sections 134 – 140 behind the goalpost and alongside the Delaware River. Fans in this area are the most passionate about the Union. You will see these fans standing throughout the game, singing, chanting, holding up scarves, playing drums, and waving flags.


If you would like to learn more about the supporters, like the Sons of Ben, you can visit the Philly Soccer Page website.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of the Philadelphia Union?

Who are the Biggest Rivals of the Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union has rivals with their Northeastern opponents as they do with all major sports. Therefore, you can expect more interest when the New England Revolution, Toronto FC, CF Montreal, New York Red Bull, D.C. United, and New York City Football Club visit Subaru Park. These matchups are the most expensive games to catch at the soccer stadium during the regular season.


What is the Average Seating Capacity for a Philadelphia Union Game?

In 2023, the average capacity for a Philadelphia Union game is around 18k, the total capacity they can hold inside their stadium. With that being said, getting tickets to a Union game tends to be more difficult than for other teams due to the smaller size of the venue and how great their team is. Therefore, plan on getting your tickets before heading to the venue to ensure you have a seat for the game.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match?

Tailgating occurs before every Union Game in the parking lots and at Subaru Plaza before every game. Parking lots open up five hours before kickoff, so fans arrive early at the venue to set up their tailgating spot before a match. The supporters tend to walk into the venue about an hour before kickoff after tailgating.


Also, if you plan on tailgating before a game, read the Subaru Park Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t take into the venue. For example, hard-sided coolers can’t come into the stadium with fans, but you can bring them to the parking lots to tailgate.


Finally, if you don’t want to tailgate and instead want to eat and drink at the stadium, visit the Subaru Park Food Guide. Visiting that guide will let you know what you can eat and drink from the concession stands throughout the arena at the stadium.


Best Way to Get to the Union Game

Driving to Subaru Park tends to be the best way to get to the stadium. Fans can expect to pay around $30 to park in the parking lots near the stadium. Be sure to visit the Subaru Park Parking guide for more information.


Fans can also use the SEPTA to get to and from the venue. The train station that is closest to the venue is the Chester Transporation Center. From there, free shuttles pick up fans to bring them to the venue on matchday.