LAFC Tickets

LAFC Tickets

LAFC (Los Angeles Football Club) is a team of Major League Soccer at 3939 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037. BMO Stadium (previously Banc of California Stadium) tends to be one of the best MLS venues in the game today. Los Angeles FC is also one of MLS’s most popular and recognizable brands. After winning the MLS Cup in 2022, going to an LAFC game is one of the most sought-after tickets in the league.


Here is the complete breakdown of getting LAFC tickets and more for your next game!


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How Much is LAFC (Los Angeles Football Club) Tickets?

How Much is LAFC (Los Angeles Football Club) Tickets


Tickets for an LAFC game tend to fluctuate depending on the event. However, most games are around $35 a ticket for the cheapest seats at the venue. If you want to sit closer to the pitch, you can expect to pay even more money than that.


However, for a playoff game, MLS Cup Final, or a game against LA Galaxy, you can expect the tickets to be much more expensive. Also, weekday games tend to be cheaper than weekend games. If you are looking to save money, try and go during the week since the demand for tickets won’t be as intense as the weekend.


Finally, CONCACAF and U.S. Open Cup games are less expensive than regular MLS matches.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at BMO Stadium?

The supporters’ section at BMO Stadium is on the North End size of the venue. The section is known as the 3252 since that represents the number of people who can be in this area. Supporters of LAFC tend to be some of the most creative, passionate, and loyal in MLS, and you can expect their TIFOs always to be some of the best in the game.


If you want the best experience of catching an LAFC match in person, try getting tickets in this area. Just be prepared to stand for the entire game, singing, clapping, waving flags, and more for the whole duration. However, if you are going to the game with your family, you may want to sit somewhere else since this is the loudest area at the stadium.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of LAFC?

Who are the Biggest Rivals of LAFC

The biggest rival of LAFC is the Los Angeles Galaxy. This rivalry is known as “El Tráfico” and tends to be the most expensive regular season matchup at BMO Stadium. When these two teams square off, you can expect the fans of both squads to be singing and chanting the entire game.


MLS also has a lot of parity, which means that some seasons have better teams than others for various reasons. For example, games against Charlotte FC, Austin FC, Minnesota United FC, Seattle Sounders, and Portland Timbers can all be important, depending on who is doing well that season.


What is the Average Capacity for an LAFC Game?

What is the Average Capacity for an LAFC Game

The average game day attendance at BMO Stadium for an LAFC game is over 21k in 2023. The total seating capacity at the venue is 22k, which means that most games are sold out. After winning the MLS Cup in 2022, this club’s team interest is through the roof.


In 2022, LAFC was in the top ten in-game day attendance with 22k fans per game.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match

There is tailgating before every LAFC home match. Parking lots open up a few hours before kickoff, and fans looking to tailgate tend to head to the Christmas Tree Lane to join in on the fun. There is plenty of music, food, and events outside the stadium for fans to partake in before a match.


Also, visit the BMO Stadium Food guide to see what you can eat at the stadium. Along with that, check out the BMO Stadium Bag Policy guide.


Best Way to Get to the Game

The best way to get to an LAFC match is to drive. Home games tend to be sellouts, so traffic becomes congested before a game. Try and arrive two hours before kickoff to get a parking spot before heading into the arena. Visit the BMO Stadium Parking guide for more information.


Outside of driving to the game, fans can use a rideshare program to get to and from the arena. The stadium’s pick-up and drop-off area is at parking lot 6. There are stadium security officials there to help reduce car congestion in this area, so plan to be ready to be picked up if you call a rideshare program after a game.