Columbus Crew Tickets

Columbus Crew Tickets

Columbus Crew is a member of Major League Soccer that plays at Field at 96 Columbus Crew Way, Columbus, OH 43215. Since its opening in 2021, Field has been regarded as one of the best soccer-specific venues in North America. Most games result in a sellout, so ticket prices tend to increase on third-party sites due to the high demand to see the team play.


Here is the complete breakdown of buying Columbus Crew tickets and more.


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How Much are Columbus Crew Tickets?


The cheapest tickets for a Columbus Crew game at Field tend to go for about $50. The cheapest tickets tend to be in the 200 level behind the goal. Meanwhile, fans who want to sit as close to the center of the pitch will be spending around $300 for that experience.


Pricing for regular season games fluctuates during the season for various reasons. For example, games against FC Cincinnati (another Ohio team) and Chicago Fire tend to raise ticket prices on third-party sites. Another example of when ticket prices will increase is when the team is in the playoffs. You can expect those ticket prices to be much more than a regular season game.


Finally, games tend to be the cheapest to attend against clubs struggling in the standings that season. Additionally, any match outside MLS (like the U.S. Open Cup or Leagues Cup) will be much cheaper than a regular MLS match.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at Field

Where is the Supporters' Section at Field

The Supporters’ Section at Field is at the North end of the field, known as the Nordecke. This area has a 34-degree angle to the pitch, which means the fans will be right on top of the action. This stadium area will be the loudest since the fans here will be singing, chanting, and making as much noise as possible, cheering on the Crew.


Visit the Nordecke official website to learn more about being an official club supporter.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of Columbus Crew?

Who are the Biggest Rivals of Columbus Crew

The biggest rival of Columbus Crew has to be FC Cincinnati. These two clubs play in Ohio, adding to the in-state rivalry between these two cities. If you want to attend only one Columbus Cew game this season, try and make it this one. The fan passion for both squads will make Field electric.


Outside of games against FC Cincinatti, some other Eastern Conference games draw more interest than others during the regular season. Those games are against Chicago Fire, Nashville SC, Philadelphia Union, Toronto FC, and New York City FC.


What is the Average Seating Capacity for a Columbus Crew Match?

In 2023, there is an average attendance of 20,000 people who come to Field to cheer on their home team. That 20,000 marks a sellout, as the stadium can hold just over 20k fans per game. Therefore, getting a ticket for a game can be difficult, which is why ticket prices fluctuate and increase during the season.


If possible, you should buy your tickets sooner rather than later.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match?

Tailgating occurs before every Columbus Crew match. Plenty of fans will stand together in the parking lots with tables and coolers, playing games and more, outside the arena. These fans tend to head into the venue about an hour before kickoff after they are done tailgating.


Also, if you plan on partaking in tailgating before a game, be aware that certain bags can’t come into the stadium with you. Read the Field Bag Policy guide for more information.


Also, if you want to eat at the game, visit the Field Food guide to see your options.


Best Way to Get to the Game

Driving to Field for a game is one of the best ways to get to and from the venue. Fans can reserve their parking space ahead of time using this link. If you need additional information on parking around the venue, you can check out the Lower.Com Field Parking guide.