Austin FC Tickets

Austin FC Tickets

Austin FC is a member of Major League Soccer that plays at Q2 Stadium. The address location of Q2 Stadium is 10414 Mc Kalla Pl, Austin, TX 78758. Since playing their first game in 2021, Austin FC has become one of the most popular teams in Major League Soccer. Their fans are passionate about their club and come out each week in full force to cheer on them on the pitch. Most games are sold out, which adds to the electric atmosphere of catching a game in person.


Here is the complete breakdown of getting Austin FC tickets for your next match.


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How Much are Austin FC Tickets?


The cheapest Austin FC MLS regular season game tickets are about $50. Those $50 tickets tend to be in the 200 level towards either end of the pitch. If you want to sit on the lower level towards the middle of the pitch, you should expect to pay around $150+ for a seat.


However, pricing for most Austin FC matches tends to vary for various reasons. One reason pricing changes weekly depends on who the team is playing. For example, a game against Houston or Dallas tends to raise the price of a ticket since those are rival games. Also, you can expect to pay more money for an Austin FC match when they are in the playoffs and MLS Cup finals.


Meanwhile, a regular U.S. Open Cup game tends to be less expensive than a regular MLS match. Also, the Leagues Cup tends to be cheaper than a regular season MLS match, but that can change if that competition becomes more popular.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at Q2 Stadium?

Where is the Supporters' Section at Q2 Stadium

The supporters’ section at Q2 Stadium (where Austin Anthem, Los Verdes, Oak Army New Braunfels, and more will be during a game) is in sections 101-105 at the south end of the pitch. The fans in this area are the most passionate fans of Austin FC, which means they will be standing, chanting, waving flags, banging drums, and more throughout the match. They also drop down an awesome-looking TIFO before home games, which adds to the excitement of a match.


If you want to learn more about the Austin Anthem Supporters, you can visit this link!


Also, visit the what is a TIFO blog post to learn more about this.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of Austin FC?

The biggest rivals of Austin FC are games against FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo. Both clubs are in Texas, which fuels the in-state rivalry between these cities when they play against each other. Catching a home game when Dallas or Houston come to town will be some of the more intense regular season matchups.


Outside of games against Dallas and Houston, there are other games that fans look forward to during the season. Those games are when LAFC, Los Angeles Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, and Portland Timbers come to town. These Western Conference opponents always draw a lot of casual fans to the stadium since these names are so recognizable with success.


What is the Average Seating Capacity for an Austin FC Match?

In 2023, the average seating capacity for an Austin FC match is around 20k, a sellout. The venue can only hold around 20k fans, so getting tickets to a game will be more challenging than other places in the league. Therefore, buying Austin FC tickets before the prices increase is in your best interest.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match?

According to the A-Z guide of Austin FC, tailgating is not allowed in the parking lots before a home game.


Visit the Q2 Stadium Bag Policy before your next game to see what bags can enter the venue. Also, visit the Q2 Stadium Food Guide to see what you can eat at the stadium on matchday.


Best Way to Get to the Game

Driving to Q2 Stadium is the best way to get to and from the stadium. Visit the Q2 Stadium Parking Guide for more information on where to go and park.