Target Center Food

Target Center Food

Best Food at Target Center

Target Center is home to the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA team and Minnesota Lynx WNBA team. The venue opened in 1990 at 600 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403. The basketball arena is about a third of a mile away from Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play baseball, and one mile from US Bank Stadium, where the Minnesota Vikings play football.


Outside of hosting basketball games, Target Center tends to be the go-to destination for many events year-round. Some of those events include concerts, performances, events, shows, and more.


Here is the food and drink guide at Target Center.


Classic Target Center Food

Classic Target Center Food

  • Bucher and the Boar: Brats, onions, cheese, water, beer, soda, and more out in sections 106, 205, and 237
  • The Breakfast Sandwich: Serving breakfast during a basketball game has never been better. You can find the breakfast sandwich stand serving bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches, and more out in sections 129 and 225
  • Craft Minneapolis Beer: Fans looking to drink local craft favorites from Minnesota can do so at section 104
  • Molten Melts: The classic Philly cheesesteak and more are out in section 136
  • Budweiser Beer Garden: Out in section 121, this beer garden offers plenty of drinks on tap for fans to enjoy during game day
  • Mac Time: Offering a wide range of mac and cheese dishes like smoked brisket for fans to have during a basketball game in section 133
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich: Serving up the classic hot chicken sandwich and more in section 231


New Food at Target Center

  • Firehouse Burger: Hamburgers with jalapenos, cheese, lettuce, French fries, and more out in sections 113 and 211
  • Tot Dish Tacos: Serving up warm tacos and more for fans to enjoy out in
  • Gourmet Burger: Fans looking for signature burgers, fries, beers, water, soda, and more can head over to section 129
  • Fhima’s La Belle Epoque: Offering top-of-the-line cocktails and more for fans to have during a basketball game out in section 126
  • Life Café: Offering up the beyond burger, plant-based chicken dishes, and more out in section 106


Classic Dessert Choices

  • CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt: Fans looking for frozen yogurt with tons of toppings like sprinkles, gummy bears, and M&M’s can go to sections 126 and 225
  • Mini Donuts: Fans looking for something sweet to enjoy during a basketball game can head over to section 116 to get mini donuts


Can You Bring Outside Food or Beverages into the Venue?

Fans are not allowed to bring outside food or drinks into Target Center. However, Timberwolves fans who want to meet up with friends to grab food or drinks before a game will find plenty of places near the basketball arena to do just that. Those bars and restaurants include Kieran’s Irish Pub, O’Donovan’s Irish Pub, Apothecary Bar and Lounge, and The Depot Tavern.


Also, check out the Target Center parking guide if you plan to drive to the arena. Sometimes it might be challenging to find a parking spot during certain matches or performances, so it is best to secure your parking ahead of time. Plus, that link offers a few suggestions and other information about the parking situation around the venue.


Can You Smoke Inside the Venue?

There is no smoking allowed inside Target Center. Be sure to visit the Target Center Bag Policy guide to see what bags you can bring into the arena.


Popular Matches Against the Minnesota Timberwolves

Popular Matches Against the Minnesota Timberwolves

Catching a Minnesota Timberwolves home game is always special. If you want to attend your first game at Target Center, you should try and go when some big rivals come to town to get the whole experience. These rival games are when the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Milwaukee Bucks pay a visit to Minnesota.


Also, when the Timberwolves are in the playoffs, fans will bring lots of energy and passion to the arena.


Popular Matches Against the Minnesota Lynx

Catching a Minnesota Lync WNBA game is always fun. Some top matches during the season against the team are when the Las Vegas Aces, Seattle Storm, and Washington Mystics visit.


What is the Seating Capacity at the Venue?

A basketball game’s seating capacity is 18,798. The capacity can increase for all other events, like concerts and performances, depending on the occasion.