Rice-Eccles Stadium Food

Rice-Eccles Stadium Food

Best Food at Rice-Eccles Stadium

Rice-Eccles Stadium is home to the Utah Utes college football team at 451 1400 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84112. The venue opened in 1998, making it one of the more recent college football stadiums today. However, even though the stadium is relatively new via college football stadium standards, it has gone through renovations to add more seats and other amenities to make gameday even better.


Here is the Rice-Eccles Stadium food and drink guide for your next Utah Utes college football game.


Classic Rice-Eccles Stadium Food

Classic Rice-Eccles Stadium Food

  • Chicken North: Hot dogs, fried pork belly, chicken strips, French fries, pretzels with cheese, nachos, popcorn, frozen lemonade, soda, water, coffee, and more at portals 14 and 33
  • Chicken South: Hot dogs, boneless wings with a wide range of flavors, pretzels, nachos, popcorn, soda, water, and more in portals 9 and 38
  • Jersey Mike’s: A wide selection of classic sub-options to get on gameday. The options include turkey, ham, cheesesteaks, and the original Italian sub. You can find this in portal 34
  • The Pie: Classic cheese, fresh tomato, and pepperoni slices of pizza at Gate L
  • J Dawgs: Beef hot dogs, polish hot dogs, French fries, soda, water, beer, and more at Gate L
  • Portable Beer Stands: There are multiple beer stands throughout the concourse that fans can grab a drink from during a game


New Food to Enjoy at Rice-Eccles Stadium

New Food to Enjoy at Rice-Eccles Stadium

  • Subs: Hot dogs, Tri Tip steak sandwich, soup in a bread bowl, chips, pretzels, popcorn, soda, water, coffee, hot chocolate, and more in portal 12
  • Burger North: Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, the Western burger, French fries, Ben fries, nachos, popcorn, soda, water, beer, and more in portals 15 and 32
  • Burger South: Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pastrami burgers, soda, water, beer, and more in portals 12 and 35
  • BBQ: Brisket burn ends, brisket burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, nachos, pretzels, soda, water, beer, hot chocolate, coffee, and more in portals 11 and 36
  • Chile Verde: California burritos, enchilada plates, street tacos, nachos, quesadilla, soda, water, beer, and more in portals 10 and 39
  • Sobe Eats: Nacho Tinga, spicy Ahi poke, sweet carnitas, and more in portal 37


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Fat Boy Ice Cream: Fans looking for ice cream to enjoy during a game can find this option at many of the concession stands throughout the venue
  • Frozen Lemonade: Most concession stands sell frozen lemonade to enjoy on game day
  • Candy: Fans can find candy at most of the concession stands
  • Churros: Most of the concession stands at the venue sell churros


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Beverages into Rice-Eccles Stadium?

Fans coming to Rice-Eccles Stadium for a college football game can’t bring outside food into the venue. However, the stadium security staff allows fans to bring one factory-sealed water bottle into the venue. Read the team’s official A-Z guide for more information on this policy.


Can You Tailgate Before a Game?

Tailgating is part of the experience of catching a college football game at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Tailgating is allowed in all parking lots across the parking lots of the University of Utah campus. To learn more about tailgating at the venue, visit their official link.


Also, there are other things families can do outside of traditional tailgating in the parking lots before a game. There will be pop-up tents outside the stadium offering food, games to play, and more in preparation for the game.


Best Games to Visit

There are three main rivals of the Utah Utes that every fan looks forward to playing each season. Those three rivals are BUY, Utah State, and Colorado. If you can only go to one game this season, try and go when one of these three teams visit.


However, you will have a great time even if you catch a game that is not against one of three opponents.


What is the Max Seating Capacity at the Venue?

The max seating capacity at the stadium is 51,444.