Red Bull Arena Food – My Recommendation

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Red Bull Arena Food

Red Bull Arena is home to the New York Red Bulls Major League Soccer team and NJ/NY Gotham FC, part of NWSL. The venue has been home to the RBNY team since 2010 and sits at 600 Cape May St, Harrison, New Jersey 07029. I’ve been to RBA loads of times for games and have had some of their food items there. My personal favorite is the noodles while my least favorite was that double burger that is in the picture above.


Here are the food and drinks you can get at Red Bull Arena along with my experience and recommendation.


Best Food at Red Bull Arena – Video Spotlight

Below is a video that I took of my experience at Red Bull Arena. Overall, I thought the food was overpriced. The burger I got was not very good, and somehow that burger and beer came out to $20, which is overly expensive.


However, my recommendation for food is to get something from the Noodle shop. I also got that during the game and thought that was good. 



Classic Red Bull Arena Food

Classic Red Bull Arena Food

  • Hot Dog Stand: Fans looking to enjoy hot dogs, snacks, water, soda, beer, and more can find this concession stand on the lower level at the sign for 231
  • Boardwalk Grille: Hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, chicken wings, and more in concourse sections 126 and 226
  • Refreshment Zone: Serving up classic food choices like burgers, hot dogs, pretzels, soda, water, beer, and more on the lower level near sign 231
  • Beer Market Express: Offering up a wide selection of beer that is easy to pick up and get back to your seats before missing action in section 103
  • Premio Sausage: Fans looking to enjoy Italian sausages and more can head to section 131


New Food at Red Bull Arena

new food at red bull arena

  • Skyline Pizza: Serving up pizza, soda, beer, and more for fans to enjoy out in the lower level at sign 202
  • Fat Rooster: Chicken and waffles, chicken tenders, spicy chicken sandwiches, and more out in section 124
  • Tacos Roqueros: Shrimp tacos, beef tacos, and more in section 132
  • The Coop: Chicken, popcorn, water, beer, soda, and more near section 132
  • Street Nachos: Fans looking for street tacos, souvenir soda cups, beer, and more can head to section 104
  • Brisas Bakery: Offering up empanada sandwiches and more for fans to have
  • Red Bowl Noodles: Fans looking for authentic Asian noodle dishes can find this stand in section 126
  • Jackson Burger: Serving up single and double burgers, soda, water, beer, and more in section 130


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Dippin Dots: Ice cream balls with many flavors are out in section 132
  • Candy: Fans can pickup candy from most concession stand throughout the venue
  • Potato Chips: Fans can pickup potato chips from most concession stands throughout the venue


My Recommendation on Red Bull Arena Food

I went to a game in 2022 and went to the Jackson Burger stand. The double burger was wildly expensive and was very small. I ended up getting something from the Red Bowl Noodles stand during halftime and felt the price and quantity was better than the burger. If I had to do it again, I would get the noodles instead of the burger. You can see my experience at Red Bull Arena from my vlog above.


One tip to skip the line is to leave for food about 10 minutes before the end of the first half. Try and leave a bit before the 40 minute mark to get in line somewhere to get food. The second that the whistle blows for halftime, the lines at Red Bull Arena will become long for people looking to stock up on food and drinks. Halftime is roughly fifteen minutes, so you end up missing the start of the second half if you are in line to grab food.


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks into the Stadium?

Fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into Red Bull Arena for a game. Your best bet to get food and beverages before kick-off is at the Joia Restaurant, which offers Portuguese food, drinks, and more. This restaurant is a short walk to the stadium, but there aren’t many other options around the arena as of 2022 to check out.


Also, be sure to visit the Red Bull Arena parking guide before getting to the venue! Along with that, check out the Red Bull Arena Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the arena.


Near Bars and Restaurants

There are a few bars and restaurants near the Harrison train stop that you can checkout as you head to Red Bull Arena. Below are some of those options.


  • Five Guys
  • The Vanguard
  • Ah Pizz
  • Charley Restaurant

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