Ohio Stadium Food

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Ohio Stadium Food

Ohio Stadium (The Shoe, The Horsehoe, and The House that Harley Built) is home to the Ohio State Buckeyes college football team. The stadium opened in 1922 at 411 Woody Hayes Dr, Columbus, OH 43210, and has gone through numerous renovations since then. Along with adding more seats for fans to attend a game, the stadium has also updated its concession stand food menu.


Here is the complete food and drink menu item list you can get for a home game at Ohio Stadium.


Classic Ohio Stadium Food

Classic Ohio Stadium Food

  • Brutus’ Best: Serving up classic meals like hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, brats, soda, water, beer, and more throughout the concourse at the stadium
  • Donatos: Nachos, cheese pizza, subs, and more in sections A21 and A22
  • Panera: Serving up sandwiches, bread, soup, and more out in sections A20 and C22
  • Overloaded: Loaded nachos and more in sections A9, C10, SS34
  • Dirty Franks: Loaded hot dogs, water, soda, beer, and more in section A19
  • Drink Local: Fans looking for craft beer options specific to Ohio can head to sections A17, A22, B10, C11, and C18


New Food at Ohio Stadium

  • Buckeye BBQ: Fans looking for great-tasting BBQ chicken, sloppy joes, and more can head to sections A6, A15, B22, and C17
  • Hot Chicken Takeover: Serving up Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches, fries, soda, water, beer, and more in section SS35
  • Taste of the Competition: Specialty burgers that use flavors of the visiting team that day, fries, soda, water, beer, and more in sections A8 and C10
  • Hot Seat: Serving up soup perfect for a cold college football game out in section C20
  • Skyward Grille: Gourmet gyros and more out in sections A25 and C24
  • Barrio Taco: Tacos, chips, soda, water, beer, and more in section A10


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Smashed Buns: Warm cinnamon rolls out in section C12
  • Shakes: Fans looking for frozen custard milkshakes in a wide range of flavors can get that at C25
  • Dippin’ Dots: The perfect ice cream treat to share with others is at sections A16, A21, and C9


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks into Ohio Stadium?

According to the official a-z guide of the Buckeyes, fans can’t bring any outside food or drinks into the stadium. Fans looking to eat can partake in the tailgating festivities in the parking lots before a game.


If you don’t want to tailgate in the parking lots to eat, the Ohio State University is only a few miles north of downtown Columbus. From there, you will find plenty of bars and restaurants to visit to eat before going to the venue for a game.


Can You Tailgate and Eat at an Ohio State Buckeyes Game?

Tailgating before the kickoff of a college football game at Ohio State is a fan-favorite pastime. Fans tailgating a few hours before game day have rules to follow. One rule is  keeping your tailgating area within the 8.5′ x 15′ for regular parking. Another rule is to have no fire pits, fire rings, or other types of open burning at your tailgate area.


You will see plenty of fans eating and drinking in the parking lots before kickoff. Just remember that if you plan on tailgating before the game, all outside food and drinks can’t enter with you into the stadium. Therefore, you will need to either finish the food, put it back in your car, or throw it away.


Finally, fans should check out the team’s official tailgating policy to learn about the rules.

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