Indianapolis Motor Speedway Food

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Food

Best Food at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to the Indianapolis 500 (Indy 500 Race) and the NASCAR Verizon 2000. The venue opened in 1909 at 4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222. One of the most famous parts of the racetrack is that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is next door, which is a fan-favorite visit.


Here is the complete food and drink guide at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for your next event.


Classic Indianapolis Motor Speedway Food

Classic Indianapolis Motor Speedway Food

  • Grab and Go: Offering racing fans quick items to pick up to eat, including pre-made sandwiches, fruit, salads, snacks, water, soda, hard seltzers, frozen vodka cocktails, and more.
  • Classic Meals: Hamburgers, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fries, chicken tenders, nachos, soda, water, beer, and more can be found throughout the concession stands at the venue
  • Java House Coffee: Hot coffee, iced coffee, bold brews, and more out in the Pagoda Plaza
  • HotBox Pizza: Cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and more at Paddock and Turn 1
  • Ben’s Pretzels: Offering up warm pretzels with cheese/mustard out in Gate 1 and Gate 9


New Food at IMS

New Food at IMS

  • The Smokey Blue Barbeque Truck: Offering a wide range of BBQ treats, including pulled pork and brisket sandwiches out near Gate 9
  • The Bull Grill: Offering up hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pineapple bowls, water, soda, beer, and more out in Turn 1 and Turn 4
  • Hot Chicken: Delicious hot chicken sandwiches, soda, water, beer, and more
  • Hop Stop Craft Beer Trailers: Offering a wide selection of craft beer on race day at Gate 1 and Gate 9 concession stands.
  • Zeny’s Concession: Loaded steak over fries covered in cheese


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt: Serving up a wide range of frozen yogurt flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, and chocolate.


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks to IMS?

According to and the official Gate Regulation of IMS, racing fans can bring their food and drinks with their coolers to the track. Coolers can’t exceed 14 inches x 14 inches x 18 inches, and there can’t be any glass in the container. One interesting thing is that you can bring beer and wine into the venue.


However, be sure to visit both links before your race to ensure the rules don’t change before your next visit.


Is There Tailgating on Race Day at IMS?

Tailgating is a big part of catching a race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Fans should arrive 5-6 hours before the race to get a parking space and partake in the festivities with other fans if they want to do that. Plenty of fans will use pop-up tents, grill stations, and more to celebrate the fun of race day.


If you want to learn more about tailgating at IMS, visit the official link of the venue. That link will cover more specifics on where tailgating occurs, how big your shelters can be, and much more.


Can You Smoke Inside the Facility?

According to the official smoking policy of IMS, fans can’t smoke anywhere in the grandstands. If fans are looking to smoke, they must be 20 feet away from the venue and entrances.


What is the Max Seating Capacity?

There are 257,327 permanent seats at IMS to take a motorsport event.

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