First Horizon Park Food

First Horizon Park Food

Best Food at First Horizon Park

First Horizon Park (First Tennessee Park) is home to the Nashville Sounds AAA team, an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers MLB team. The venue’s address is 19 Jr Gilliam Way, Nashville, TN 37219, in Germantown in downtown Nashville. The Minor League Baseball ballpark is best known for its guitar-shaped scoreboard out in right-center field. Also, it tends to lead the league in attendance each season.


Here is the complete First Horizon Park food and drink guide for your next baseball game!


Classic First Horizon Park Food

Classic First Horizon Park Food

  • Portable Beer Carts: There are multiple beer carts throughout the concourse for fans to get something to drink during the game
  • Kroger Market: Offering quick snacks and drinks to pick up at the gate behind section 108
  • Sulphur Dell Slices: Pizza, French Fries, soda, water, beer, and more on the first base concourse
  • The Band Box-Outdoor Restaurant & Bar: Cheesy nachos, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, gluten-free hot dogs, and more in right field


New Food at First Horizon Park

New Food at First Horizon Park

  • Yee-Haw: Offering a wide selection of beer at section 121
  • 40 Below Joe: Premium hot and cold coffee behind section 121
  • Music City Grill: Tennessee pork chop sandwiches, cheeseburgers, soda, water, beer, and more on the first base concourse
  • Smokehouse BBQ: Pulled pork sandwiches, tater tots, fries, water, soda, beer, and more at the third base concourse
  • Hot or Not Chicken: Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, waffle fries, soda, water, beer, and more in section 109


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Funnel Cake: Fans can find funnel cakes to enjoy during a game on the third base concourse
  • Cotton Candy: Vendors walk up and down the aisles selling cotton candy during games. Baseball fans can also get cotton candy if they head to the third base side of the field. You will see a concession stand selling cotton candy there
  • Dippin Dots: Offering the classic ice cream treat behind sections 105 and 119
  • Diane’s Donuts: Offering a wide range of donut flavors for fans to enjoy at section 119


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks into First Horizon Park

Fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the Triple-A venue. If you want to eat at the Sounds game, you will need to get something from the concession stands at the venue.


Also, be sure to visit the First Horizon Park Bag Policy guide to see what bags can come into the venue.


Popular Bars and Restaurants Near the Stadium

With the venue being in Germantown, plenty of unique bars and restaurants are within walking distance of First Horizon Park to visit before or after a game. Some of those places include Geist Bar +, Germantown Cafe, Monell’s, and Jack Growns Beer and Burger Join Germantown.


Popular Matches Against the Nashville Sounds

The biggest rivalry of the Nashville Sounds baseball club is the Memphis Redbirds. These teams are part of the West Division of the International League. When they visit, these matches tend to draw the biggest regular season day crowd. For example, over 12k fans showed up for this rivalry game in 2022.


Outside of that rivalry game, plenty of seasonal promotions bring in fans. Check the promotion calendar for the team to see what offerings they have during the season to take advantage of.


What is the Max Seating Capacity at the Venue?

The max seating capacity at First Horizon Park is 10,000. However, lawn seats are available in the outfield, which raises the total seating capacity for a Nashville Sounds game. Nashville tends to lead the MilB in attendance due to their stadium, their team, and the fan-friendly environment they have.