Fiserv Forum Bag Policy

Fiserv Forum Bag Policy

Fiserv Forum is the NBA arena of the Milwaukee Bucks at 1111 Vel R. Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53203. The bag policy for a Bucks game is that only small purses, diaper bags, and medical bags can enter the stadium. Fans can no longer bring backpacks and other large bags into the arena for a basketball game or concert.


Here is the Fiserv Forum bag policy guide for your next game or event.


How Does Fiserv Forum Review Your Bag?

How Does Fiserv Forum Review Your Bag

Fans coming to the National Basketball Arena in Milwaukee for a game or concert must go through a metal detector. If you have a bag with you, like a medical bag or diaper bag, it will go through a separate screening by the staff. The staff will review the outside and inside of the bag and its content to ensure it doesn’t have items that can’t enter the arena.


Are you looking to bring a bag to a Milwaukee Bucks game? Consider purchasing a small single-compartment bag purse or a similar type of bag! Here are some bags that you can bring into the arena.


  • ADA compliant bags
  • Medical bags
  • Diaper bags
  • Wallets that don’t exceed 4″ x6″ x1″


What Items Can’t You Bring into Fiserv Forum?

What Items Can't You Bring into Fiserv Forum

Fans coming to the Milwaukee Bucks facility for a game or concert must know the list of prohibited items. Below are some items that the security staff won’t allow you to enter with on the game day. However, the complete list from the Bucks is the best option to visit on this link with more details.


  • Backpacks
  • Bags that exceed 4″ x6″ x1″
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Brooms
  • Selfie sticks
  • Laptop and iPads
  • Coolers (hard-sided and soft-sided)
  • Drones
  • Any outside beverage (There are exceptions to this rule if you have a medical reason or kids that need something like juice or baby formula)
  • Any outside food (Exceptions can occur if the food is for a medical reason)


What Should You Do If Your Bag Is Too Big to Enter the Milwaukee Bucks Venue?

You have a few options if your bag can’t enter the Bucks venue. First, you can bring your bag back to your car in the parking lot and then head back in line to enter the stadium. This option works best since the Milwaukee Bucks have a strict bag policy that discourages most bags.


Second, you can see if a nearby hotel or restaurant will hold onto your stuff. Most places charge a small fee to watch your belongings for you. However, you do run the risk of keeping these items there as the Bucks have no control over these establishments.


Third, you can throw away the bag at the entry gate, or if security stops you because you tried to bring food into the arena, you can finish it at the entrance or throw it away. Sometimes security won’t allow something specific to enter the arena, like food, so you can either eat it at the gate or throw it away.


Parking Tips and Food Guide for the Milwaukee Bucks

Fans can secure a parking spot near the basketball arena using SpotHero. SpotHero partners up with multiple parking garages and lots near the stadium for fans to use on game day. Look at the Fiserv Forum Parking guide for the full breakdown and analysis.


Unless you are bringing outside food or drinks into the arena for medical reasons, you won’t be able to bring anything into the basketball arena on game day. If you want to save money on something other than food or drinks at the arena, consider going to a nearby bar before the game to eat and drink.


Here is the Fiserv Forum Food Guide to see what is to eat and drink at the venue.