Veterans Stadium

Veterans Stadium World Series

When Did Veterans Stadium Open?

Veterans Stadium opened up on April 10, 1971. The venue was a multi-purpose facility (like many stadiums back in the day) where Football and Baseball games could play there. Veterans Stadium had its final baseball game on September 28, 2003, before the Phillies moved to their new stadium, Citizens Bank Park.


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Where was Veterans Stadium Located?

The location of Veterans Stadium was in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, which is where Citizens Bank Park is. Veterans Stadium was demolished after the 2003 season. With the venue no longer around, the Phillies and Eagles use the new space to help more fans park at the sports complex for football and baseball games.


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What Team Played at Veterans Stadium?

The Philadelphia Phillies (NHL) and Eagles (NFL) called Veterans Stadium their home. The Phillies are a Major League Baseball Team in the National League East Division. Back in the 70’s, you had many different sports use the same facility. Having a cookie cutter venue made the transition into different sports easy, so that was why their was that design.


What were Veteran Stadium Dimensions?

With the stadium being a cookie-cutter field, you had the same dimensions all around the area from home plate. Out in the left field, you were 330 feet from home plate, 371 in left center, 408 in the center, 371 in the right center, and again 330 feet out in right field. The field dimensions were almost identical to the old Busch baseball stadium.


What was the Capacity of Veterans Stadium?

Outfield at Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The capacity of Veterans Stadium was 61,831 people making it one of the larger ballparks in the game. Veterans Stadium was in similar size to the Old Yankee Stadium Capacity and Shea Stadium which were both out in New York. Each of those stadiums could comfortably sit over 55,000 people in their arena. The New Yankee Stadium capacity holds just under 50,000 seats except when they open up more standing room only sections.


Notable Events

The 1976 and 1996 Major League Baseball All-Star Games took place at the venue. Outside of baseball, Veterans Stadium was the host to many other events. The site hosted the annual Army vs. Navy football game from 1980-2001. One infamous moment took place during an Army vs. Navy game where a support rail collapsed in 1998 which began serious discussions to build a new facility. Towards the end of the time of place, Veterans Stadium was having structural issues. Many of the issues were beginning to take a toll, so the city of Philly became drafting up a new facility for the Phillies to play at.