Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium Old Home of the Detroit Tigers

When Did Old Detroit Tiger Stadium Open?

Previously known as Bennett Park, Navin Field, and Briggs Stadium, Detroit Tiger Stadium opened up on April 20, 1912 and was where the Detroit Tigers played baseball. The ballpark’s run was from 1912 to 2001. The stadium today is demolished, so fans will be unable to get a look at the old field, unfortunately. The Tigers today play at Comerica Park which is their new ballpark that opened in 2000.


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Where was Old Tiger Stadium Located?

The location of Detroit Tigers Stadium baseball field was in the Corktown neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan in the United States. The place was on Michigan avenue and Trumbull avenue in the corner of Michigan. The nickname was “the corner” due to being between both roads Michigan and Trumbull. The exact address was 2121 Trumbull Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48216.


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What Team Played at Detroit Tiger Stadium?

Old Tiger Stadium Outside

The Detroit Tigers are an American Major League Baseball team who called Tiger Stadium their home. The Tigers played in this facility from 1912 to 1999. The Detroit Lions, who are an NFL team, would play in this facility from 1938 to 1974.


What were Tiger Stadium Dimensions?

The dimensions were deep out in center field from home plate, but the distance out to left field and right field would be considered below average in today’s game. In left field, you were 340 feet out, left center was 365, the center field came in at 440, the right-center was listed at 370, and right field was 325 feet.


What was the Capacity of Tiger Stadium?

The Tigers who were an American League team during 1912 were becoming popular in the city of Detroit, Michigan. As the years went by, the owners of the group kept expanding the seating capacity of the field. In 1912, Navin Field could seat 23,000 people. In 1937, Briggs Stadium was able to hold just under 53,000 people. The size of Tiger Stadium was similar in proportion as the Old Yankee Stadium capacity and Shea Stadium capacity with most of the seats in the upper deck.


Notable Events

Tigers Stadium saw many first time events at their arena. The Stadium hosted the All-Star Game in 1941, 1951, and 1971. Famous Boston Red Sox player, Ted Williams, won the 1941 game with a home run. The Tigers also hosted the 1968 and 1984 World Series.


The Final game was on September 27, 1999 which was sad for many Tiger fans. The Detroit Tigers won the game 8-2 over the Kansas City ballpark. Times were changing, so the old ballpark needed significant changes. The playing field was not great, the press box was small, but catching a game at Tiger Stadium was fun. Comerica Park would continue the tradition that the Tigers setup with baseball in downtown Detroit.