When did the Astrodome Open?

The first game at NRG Astrodome was on April 9th, 1965. Back in 1965, the arena was known as Harris County Domed Stadium. The name later became Houston Astrodome and then finally Reliant Astrodome. The field was the world’s first multi-purpose domed stadium and quickly got the unofficial phrase of the eighth wonder of the world.


Where was the Astrodome Located?

Houston Texas in the United States was the home of the Astrodome. The exact location of the venue was 8400 Kirby Drive Houston Texas. NRG Stadium, which is where the Houston Texans play football, sits next to the Astrodome now. If you are looking for NRG Stadium Parking, you can visit that link.


What Team Played at the Astrodome?

The Houston Astros, who are a major league baseball team, played at the Astrodome. Throughout the arena’s lifetime, you had the Houston Cougars, Houston Stars, Houston Oilers, and Houston Texans play at the facility. The air-conditioned field at NRG Stadium gave fans the comfort to watch their sports teams play. The Houston Astors now play at Minute Maid Park. Minute Maid Park became the new home of the Houston Astros in 2000.


What were the Astrodome’s Dimensions?

The dimensions from home plate were symmetrical from left field to right field. In left field, you were 325 feet away from home plate. The left center was 375,  the center field was 400, right center 375, and right field 325.


What was the Capacity?

The capacity of the arena for baseball was 54,370 people. Old Yankee Stadium capacity and Shea Stadium capacity both had around 55,000 seats for baseball games as well. The function would grow for event spaces and other non-baseball events.


Notable Events

In addition to baseball games, many notable events took place at the Astrodome over the years. The dome experience with air condition gave fans the comfort of watching their teams play. The playing field was the first to have artificial turf which became known as AstroTurf.  Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast in 2006, and the place became a haven for people. Twenty-five thousand people were at the venue to seek refuge from the hurricane.


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