Vicarage Road Parking

Vicarage Road Parking

Parking for Watford Football Club

Vicarage Road Stadium is home to Watford Football Club (The Hornets). The stadium opened in 1922 at Vicarage Rd, Watford WD18 0ER, United Kingdom. As the years have gone by, the stadium has gone through numerous renovations to increase the capacity and more on matchday.


Here is the complete guide to Vicarage Road Parking.


How Much is Parking for Watford Football Club?

How Much is Parking for Watford Football Club

Unofficial parking space rates will vary depending on the event at Vicarage Road Stadium. However, fans can expect to pay somewhere in the £10.00 range for parking within a 15-minute walk to the stadium. However, securing your car parking option days (or weeks) before the event is best to save money before demand becomes too high and raises the price.


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As a note, on-street parking will be extremely limited near the venue. If you do find on-street parking, read the signs on the sidewalk to see if you can park there. Also, parking at the Watford General Hospital is monitored by staff, so don’t plan on parking there for the game.


Vicarage Road Accessible Parking

Blue badge parking near Vicarage Road is at the Chater School Car Park on Addiscombe Road. Fans can utilize the shuttle bus to get to and from the arena from there. If you plan to walk from this area, it is about a 10-minute walk to the venue.


There are also accessible parking spots near the Lower Hospital Car Park area. A buggy service can bring fans from this area to the game if they need it.


Finally, fans can take advantage of the pickup and drop-off area near the stadium for fans who need that assistance. The pickup and drop-off area at the stadium is at the junction of Occupation Road and Stadium Way.


Can You Bring Your Food to Vicarage Road Stadium?

According to the Visiting Vicarage Road Supporter’s guide, fans can bring plastic bottles into the stadium. However, the stadium staff has the right to review the liquid inside the plastic bottle before you can bring it into the stadium.


If you require any special dietary requirements on matchday, don’t hesitate to contact the staff a week before your event. You can use this link to get to the Hospitality section for Watford.


Are There Tailgating / Meetups Before a Match?

A handful of pubs and restaurants are within walking distance of Vicarage Road stadium to visit before and after a game. Some nearby places include No.8 at The Red Lion, The Oddefellows, Two Trees Mico, and Gabriel’s Bar and Lounge. Also, the town centre is a short walk from the venue, so you can head there to find more places to eat and drink before a game.


Can You Smoke Inside the Arena?

According to the Hospitality section for Watford, no smoking is allowed inside the stadium.


Should I Take Public Transport to Vicarage Road?

Fans can take the London Northwestern Railway train and Avanti West Coast Trains to the game. The stations, depending on where you are coming from, that drop fans off near the arena are Watford High Street, Watford Underground, and Watford Junction stations. These train stations range from a half mile to a bit over a mile from the stadium, making them one of the best ways to get to and from the soccer stadium.


Fans can also utilize the bus to get to and from the stadium. The bus routes that bring you to Vicarage Road Stadium include 10, 320, 324, and W1).


Finally, fans can also cycle to and from the arena. Fans can leave their bikes at a few cycle racks around the venue.


Popular Matches Against Watford F.C.

Popular Matches Against Watford F.C.

The biggest and fiercest rivalry of Watford Football Club is against Luton Town. These two clubs had their first matchup against each other in 1885, so there is a lot of history between them. When these two clubs play against each other, it is known as the Beds-Herts Debry.


Outside of this derby matchup, you can expect any EPL game to draw much interest from their fans. Getting promoted into the EPL means playing against the top talent so those matches will have strong passion from their fanbase during home games.


How Big is the Seating Capacity at Vicarage Road Stadium?

The seating capacity at Vicarage Road Stadium for a soccer game is 22,200.