Stadium of Light Parking

Stadium of Light Parking

Parking for Sunderland AFC

Stadium of Light is home to the Sunderland A.F.C. team. The venue opened in 1996 at Monkwearmouth, Sunderland SR5 1SU, United Kingdom. Outside of hosting soccer matches, the venue accommodates concerts and other events year-round for residents to enjoy.


Here is the complete breakdown of the Stadium of Light parking.


How Much is Parking for Sunderland AFC?

How Much is Parking for Sunderland AFC

Unofficial parking rates fluctuate depending on how far you are willing to walk and the event occurring at the venue. However, for most games, you can expect to pay around £4.00 for an unofficial parking space for an hour or two.


With this link, fans can use Your Parking Space to secure unofficial parking spaces before their next game.


Also, it is worth noting that street parking is minimal around the stadium. If you don’t secure your parking ahead of time and plan to leave your car on the street, be aware that there are ride schemes set up on event days. Always read the street signs to ensure you can leave your car on the road on matchday.


Stadium of Light Accessible Parking

Stadium of Light Accessible Parking

Fans looking for Blue Badge parking at Stadium of Light should do so in the Green Car Park. The Green Car Park comes on a first come and first served basis, so plan to arrive early to secure a spot. If you have any questions about where you should park for Blue Badge parking, you can ask the parking attendants working at the parking facility.


Can You Bring Your Food to Sunderland Stadium?

According to the FAQ section on, fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the stadium.


Are There Tailgating / Meetups Before a Match?

There are a few places near the stadium to visit to get a drink and food. Some places include Roker End Cafe, The Wheatsheaf, The Halfway House, and the Avenue.


Can You Smoke Inside the Association Football Venue?

According to the accessibility section of the team, the venue is entirely smoke-free.


Should I Take Public Transportation to Sunderland AFC?

Fans can take the train to the game using the Stadium of Light Metro Station. The walk from the train station to the game should take at most 15 minutes as it is less than a mile walk. Fans can utilize the metro and train to get to and from the arena. Fans can use The Tyne and Wear metro, which is around a 10-15 minute walk and get off at the Stadium of Light Metro Station to get to the game.


Outside the train and metro, fans can utilize numerous bus lines to get to and from the arena. The Park Lane Interchange is about a mile from the venue, so it is a short walk.


Finally, fans can cycle to and from the stadium if they live in the area. Cycling might be the fastest way to get out of the stadium as you won’t have to wait in lines calling rideshare, getting onto a bus, or waiting for the traffic to clear when you are in your car.


Popular Matches Against Sunderland AFC

Popular Matches Against Sunderland AFC

The biggest matchup against Sunderland AFC is between Newcastle United and Middlesbrough. Both of these rivals are Deby games, and fans look forward to these matches whenever they occur. Outside of those two matches, Portsmouth, Leeds United, and Coventry City also bring a lot of excitement to the arena when they visit.


Also, any game you attend at the venue will be great for any fan of the team, no matter who they are playing.


How Big is the Seating Capacity at the Soccer Venue?

The Stadium of Light can handle 49,000 spectators for an association football match. However, the venue can increase its capacity for concerts and other significant events and get close to 60,000.