Old Trafford Parking

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Old Trafford Parking

Old Trafford Stadium is home to Manchester United Football Club, which is part of the English Premier League. Match days are special in this arena because it opened in 1910, meaning generations of fans have gone here to watch games. Since then, there have been numerous renovations to keep the arena up to date with more fan-friendly amenities.


Outside of hosting football matches, Old Trafford hosts rugby games, cricket games, concerts, shows, performances, and more for fans to enjoy.


Here is the complete guide to Old Trafford parking for your next game or event!


How Much is Parking for Manchester United?

How Much is Parking for Manchester United

Official car parking rates at the stadium cost around £10 and more for a single match. Numerous parking lots surround the stadium, but these lots tend to fill up quickly. It is best to arrive early to claim these parking spaces. Otherwise, you will need to look for unofficial lots.


Unofficial parking spaces tend to go for £25 or so. Prices tend to change due to what event is occurring at the football ground, who Manchester United is playing, availability, and more. Most unofficial parking spots are a short walk to the arena, usually within 30 minutes or less.


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Can You Park on the Street for Free?

Finally, read the signs if you plan to use on-street parking for event days. Some areas will ticket your car or tow it if you are in the wrong location. These parking enforcements are in place to allow residents in the area to park and improve traffic flow around the stadium.


Old Trafford Accessible Parking

On a non-match day, fans who need accessible parking can use the E2 and W2 lots. Fans must display a blue parking badge when they park at these lots. If there are any questions on where to go, the parking staff at the arena can help direct you where to go.


Should I Take Public Transport to Old Trafford Stadium?

Fans can use the Metrolink and get off at the Old Trafford Station before making their way to the football stadium. The walk from this station to the stadium is about fifteen. In addition to using the Metrolink, fans can use the train to make their way to the soccer arena. The nearest station to use is the Manchester Piccadilly Train Station. Fans can get a rideshare or taxi to make the last 3-mile trip to the soccer stadium from this location.


Manchester United fans can also use the bus to get to and from the arena. Fans should look for the service lines X50, 250, 255, 256, and 263. When taking the bus, it is best to plan your trip to ensure you know which bus to take before and after a game.


Finally, fans can use bicycles to get to and from the arena. The bike racks are free to use for your bike at N2, E2, and W2. However, one thing to remember is that you must bring your bike lock to secure your bike when you arrive properly. The easy access of riding your bike to the arena makes this a popular choice for fans who live nearby the arena.


Is There Tailgating / Meetups Before a Manchester United Football Match?

Is There Tailgating Meetups Before a Manchester United Football Match

Fans should arrive early at the nearby pubs near Old Trafford on match day to participate in the festivities. Some nearby places to check out are The Bishop Blaize, Nando’s Manchester White City, The Quadrant, Tollgate, and Cafe Football. The fans at these places then walk to the arena before kickoff making noise and singing, so you will get the whole experience of catching a Man UTD game.

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