Elland Road Parking

Elland Road Parking

Parking for Leeds United

Elland Road is home to Leeds United Football Club, part of the English Premier League. This famous soccer venue opened in 1897 at Elland Rd, Beeston, Leeds LS11 0ES, United Kingdom. Over the decades of using the facility for football, there have been extensive renovations inside to keep improving the matchday experience for fans and keep it up to date.


Here is the complete guide to Elland Road parking for your next game or event!


How Much is Parking for Leeds United?

How Much is Parking for Leeds United

Unofficial parking spaces tend to go for £20.00, but the price fluctuates on numerous factors. Those factors include who Leeds is playing, the availability of the parking spaces, and the distance you are willing to walk to the arena. Your best bet to get a space is to secure parking or arrive a few hours before a match to claim a spot.


Regarding on-street parking, read the signs saying where you can and can’t park to avoid getting a ticket. There are numerous parking restrictions to stop fans from parking on the street since there are residents, so be sure where you are leaving your vehicle is in the right spot.


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Elland Road Accessible Parking

Elland Road Accessible Parking

There are accessible parking spaces for fans to use with Blue Badge holders at Elland Road. Fans can take advantage of the 150 parking spaces in the North Stand, right off Bobby Collins Way. Accessible parking does come on a first-come and first-served basis, so plan to arrive a few hours early to ensure you get a spot. These spots are open to both Leeds United F.C. fans and away fans.


In addition, there are 60 accessible parking spaces out in Car Park A and Car Park B. Like the North Stand. These spaces are limited, so plan to arrive early to get a spot. These spots are open to all fans coming to the arena for a game. Also, there is a drop-off area at Car Park A for any fans that need to drop fans off before parking their car.


If there are any questions about where to park, you can ask the parking attendants at the stadium. They can help assist you to where you need to go.


Is There Tailgating / Meetups Before a Leeds United Match?

There aren’t many pubs near Leeds United stadium to get drinks and more before a match. The few nearby pubs include Old White Hart, The Old Peacock, and Graveleys Fish and Chips. Fans should plan to arrive at one of these places early to secure seating, grab a drink, and enjoy the fan interactions. After that, fans will all walk together to the pitch before kickoff.


Can You Smoke Inside the Facility?

There is no smoking allowed at the soccer facility.


Should I Take Public Transport to Ellan Road?

Fans can take the train to Leeds Railway Station to get to the soccer stadium. The 40-minute walk from the Leeds train station is about two miles away from the arena. Fans can use a taxi to get to the arena from this train station or walk.


Several bus lines bring fans to and from the football stadium. Those lines to look for are 51, 52, 55, PR1, and 229.


Popular Matches Against Leeds United

Popular Matches Against Leeds United

Watching a Leeds United F.C. game is always a treat when you are in the area. The matches that tend to draw a lot of fan passion are when Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool come to town. Other popular games against the club are when Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Fulham, and Brentford visit.


How Big is the Seating Capacity at the Venue?

The max seating capacity for Elland road is 37,792.