Craven Cottage Parking

Craven Cottage Parking

Parking for Fulham F.C.

Craven Cottage is home to Fulham F.C, part of the English Premier League. The venue opened in 1896 in West London along the River Thames at Stevenage Road, London, SW6 6HH, United Kingdom. While the stadium is old, many renovations have been made over the decades to modernize the stadium for players and fans.


Here is the complete guide to Craven Cottage parking for your next game!


How Much is Parking for Fulham F.C.?

How Much is Parking for Fulham F.C.

Unofficial parking spaces near Craven Cottage go for around £25. Most unofficial parking spaces are about a twenty-minute walk to the stadium. Parking can sometimes be challenging to find, especially against Fulham Football Club rival matches.


Fans should consider booking their parking ahead of time with Your Parking Space to ensure they have a space for their car on matchday.


Craven Cottage Stadium Accessible Car Park Options

Fans looking for accessible parking can go to the Fulham College Boys School. From there, a wheelchair-accessible shuttle brings fans from that area to the game. Since there are only a handful of blue badge parking spaces at the Fulham College Boys School, fans should fill out the form on the official site weeks before their match to request one of these spaces before arriving there.


Is There Tailgating / Pubs Around Craven Cottage?

There are pubs within walking distance of Craven Cottage to meet up with friends before kickoff. Some places near the stadium include The Durell Arms, The Golden Lion, Kings Arms, and The Eight Bells. Fans should arrive early at these pubs to participate in singing and drinking before heading to the arena to get the whole experience of English Football.


Can You Smoke Inside Craven Cottage Stadium?

There is no smoking of any kind allowed inside the arena for events.


Should I Take Public Transport to Craven Cottage?

The nearest underground station to Craven Cottage is Putney Bridge. The walk from that tube station is less than twenty minutes to the soccer stadium. In addition to that station, fans can also get off at Hammersmith and Fulham Broadway, which are more than one mile from the arena. Finally, fans can use the Putney Railway Station to get to and from the football stadium when taking the rail line. That train station is also over a mile from the soccer arena.


Fans can use multiple bus lines to get to the game from West and Central London. The bus lines to look for are the 85 and C4. In addition to that, spectators can also use the 74, 220, and 424 bus lines.


Finally, fans can ride their bike to the game if they are in the area. The area to leave your bike is Bishops Park.


Popular Matches Against Fulham Football Club

Popular Matches Against Fulham Football Club

Watching a football match at Craven Cottage should be at the top of every fan’s list. The rival games that tend to be the most popular against the club are when Chelsea, Brentford, and Queens Park Rangers come to town. Other popular games against the club are against Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool visit.


How Big is the Seating Capacity at the Arena?

Craven Cottage Stadium’s maximum seating capacity for a football game is 22,384.