Marlins Park

Marlins Park Behind the Home Plate

When did Miami Marlins Stadium Open?

Marlins Park opened in 2012 and is home to the Miami Marlins. The ballpark replaced Sun Life Stadium which was the previous home of the Florida Marlins. There is a new front office in charge of the Marlins in 2019, so many improvements will happen to this park as the years go by.


Where is the Location of Marlins Park?

The Miami Marlins stadium in Miami Outside

The location of Marlins Park is in Miami, Florida in the United States. The ballpark’s address is 501 Marlins Way. The ballpark is on the acre of Orange Bowl in Little Havana and about 2 miles away from downtown Miami and six miles from south beach. You can see the southern Florida city skyline in the distance looking out in center field and left field. Check out the Marlins Park Parking guide if you plan to drive to the game.


When Do the Gates Open at Marlins Park?

The gates open 90 minutes before the first pitch of the game.


What Team Plays at Miami Marlins Stadium?

Miami Marlins from the Stands

The Miami Marlins are a Major League Baseball team play at Marlins Park. The Marlins play in the NL East Division which consists of the New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, and Philadelphia Phillies . Since 1993, the Marlins have won two World Series championships which may surprise a lot of fans because the team is in last in their divisions most seasons.


What are the Dimensions at Marlins Park?

Marlins Park has been known as a pitchers ballpark since it’s opening 2012. With the lack of home runs,  the team is moving in the lime green outfield wall for 2019. The outfield fences will also change in color from lime green to blue. More ballpark enhancements are happening to the dimensions by lowering the wall to six feet in certain sections, so lots of change to help improve the offensive game.


What is the Capacity at Marlins Park?

Miami Marlins New Stadium

Marlins Park’s capacity is one of the smallest ballparks in the MLB. Marlins Park capacity fits around 36 to 37k depending on the standing-room-only options. Fenway Park’s capacity is in similar size, but they sell out most of their games.


Unfortunately, Marlins Park has had the leagues worst attendance on game day which is a shame since the team just opened up a new field. Besides opening day last year, Marlins Park had a hard time driving fans to the games. Even when the Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, or New York Mets came to the ballpark, they only saw a marginal increase in attendance.


Marlins Tickets

The Miami Marlins had one of the worst crowd attendances at their facility. The Miami Marlins were the only team in 2018 to not draw over one million fans. Fans will be able to pick up tickets fairly easily when the Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays, or any team comes into town.


Closet Ballparks

Marlins park is at the bottom of the state of Florida, so you have to go north to find the closet MLB stadium. If you drive about five hours north, you can get to Tropicana Field. If you want to make it a more ultimate baseball trip, you should fly to Atlanta to Suntrust Park.


Notable Features

The front office understands how critical it will be in 2019 to improve the fan experience and get people to come to a game. The first positive the park has is having a retractable roof is a must for fans out in Miami. The weather is too hot during the summer and there are many rainy days, so baseball is now playable all season.

The Clevelander at Marlins Park

Second, you have a night club in the stadium which is cool. There is a pool, a bar, and music playing after the game. The party section is out in left field and is open for fans to catch the game from which is awesome.


Finally, many renovations are taking place by the new front office. There are more standing room only sections, the lower level has had improvements to the dining options, the lime green walls are gone, and the new center field zone will be a fan favorite. You can expect more additions to be made at this park with Derek Jeter as the owner.


bobblehead museum at marlins park