Oracle Park

Aerial View of Oracle Park S.F Giants

When did Oracle Park Open?

Oracle Park (formerly known as Pacific Bell Park, Pac Bell Park, SBC Park, and AT&T Park) opened in 2000. While there have been many different naming rights since 2000, Oracle Park will be the name for the next 20 years at the start of the 2019 season. The new 20-year deal with Oracle may take time for fans to get use to, so you will hear fans call this stadium different names at times. Regardless, San Francisco Giants Stadium is known as one of the best MLB stadiums to watch a baseball game.


Here is the list of the Oldest MLB Stadiums if you want to see where this venue fits in.


Where is the Location of the Giant’s Home?

Aerial view of San Francisco skyline on a beautiful sunny summer

The location of the ballpark is in the south beach section of San Francisco, California in the United States. The ballpark rests alongside the San Francisco Bay in the McCovey Cove section. You will see fans ride their boats and kayaks up to the game and park outside the ballpark to catch a home run. Check out the Giants parking guide if you plan to drive to the game.


In addition to baseball games, fan can catch a basketball game at Chase Center Arena for the Golden State Warriors. Fans looking for Chase Center Arena Parking can visit that link.


What Time Does At&T Open?

Gates open two hours before regular season games. Check out the Oracle Park Food guide before your next visit!


What Team Plays at Oracle Park?

Oracle Park is home of the San Francisco Giants who are a Major League Baseball team. The San Francisco Giants are part of the National League West Division in the MLB. In the National League West Division, you have the Colorado Rockies, Los Angels Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and San Diego Padres.


What are the Dimensions at Oracle Park?

San Francisco Giants Stadium

Oracle Park is known as a pitcher’s ballpark. The distances from home plate to the outfield walls is far, so there is lots of room to stop home runs. From left field to the right, you will see the sizes go from 339 feet,404 in left center, 399 feet in the center field area, 421 feet in the right center, and 309 feet in right field.


What is the Capacity at Oracle Park?

Since the opening of the field, AT&T Park has kept their attendance mostly the same. The park as of 2019 seats 41, 915 people. When the Giants are in the playoffs, you can expect more standing room tickets to be open for the public. The record attendance came in at 44,046 during game 2 of the 2010 NLDS against the Atlanta Braves.


San Francisco Giants Tickets

San Francisco Giants Winning

The San Francisco Giants drive many people to their games due to their ballpark and their talent. In 2018, the San Francisco Giants had an average capacity per Giants game at 40,000 people. Big match ups that drive more fans to games include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, New York Mets, and the New York Yankees. The Giants were the World Series Champions in 2010, 2012, and 2014, so fans are use to winning in the bay area.


Nearby Parks

Giants fans can travel from San Francisco to Oakland to catch a game at Ringcentral Coliseum . The Coliseum is where the Oakland Athletics play baseball. If you head south of the bay area, you will get to Los Angeles where you can catch a game at Angels Stadium and Dodgers Stadium.


Notable Features

There are many notable features at Giants Stadium. Along the left field upper deck, fans will be able to see retired numbers of famous Giants players. The names of the players include Bill Terry, Mel Ott, Carl Hubbell, Monte Irvin, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda, Jackie Robinson, Willie McCovey, and Gaylord Perry.


Oracle Park is known as the most vegetarian-friendly MLB ballparks in the game. The Giants are working with the community in the Bay Area to bring in better food options for vegetarians all the time. There are also plenty of non-vegetarian food options around the park like standard hot dogs, hamburgers, and BBQ that you find at most ballparks.

McCovey Cove Wall at Giants Stadium


McCovey Cove is one of the most famous sections at the stadium as well. McCovey Cove out in right field and stands at 24 feet high and was made famous when Barry Bonds would hit homeruns into the water. The wall’s height is at 24 feet in honor of Willie Mays who also wore that number. The wall’s exteriors is brick, and there are gated openings in the wall that open up the view of the bay.


Giant Coke Bottle and Mitt at Oracle Park

Out in left field, you will see a Giant Coke Bottle and Baseball Glove behind the bleachers. In this section, you will find many family-family events to take part in during the game. There are playground slides, lights that light up after a home run, and more things to do. Fans in this section will have a pretty good chance at seeing the mascot, Lou Seal, greeting families and fans.