Angel Stadium

Outside of Angels Stadium

When Did Angel Stadium Open?

Angels Stadium (Angels Stadium of Anaheim) opened in 1966. Throughout the history of this MLB ballpark, there have been two other names for the baseball stadium. The original titles were Anaheim Stadium and Edison International Field of Anaheim. This ballpark is the fourth oldest ballpark in the United States behind Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Dodgers Stadium. In 2010, Angel Stadium hosted the home run Derby and All-Star Game. Finally, there is no news to for a new ballpark at this time for the Angels.


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What is the Location of Angel Park?

Angel Stadium’s location is in the city of Anaheim, California in the United States. The Angels play out in Southern California, so the weather for game day is usually gorgeous. The prominent A’s location is out in the parking lot outside the stadium. Los Angeles Angel Stadium Parking is easy to come by, so check out the link to learn more.


What Time Can you Get into Angels Stadium?

Many people wonder what time the gates open at Angel Stadium. The gates open 90 minutes before the game, so it’s tough to get into the park early to catch batting practice.


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Is there a Nursing Station?

There is not a nursing station for moms to use at the Anaheim Stadium.


What Team Plays at Anaheim Stadium?

Angels Stadium Looking from the Bleachers

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play at Angels Stadium They are a major league baseball team in the American League. Anaheim is a city in Orange County which is part of Los Angeles County, so that is why they are the LA Angeles. When the name changed in 2005 to Los Angeles Angles, they became a quick rival to the Los Angeles Dodgers.


What is the Capacity at Angels Stadium?

Angels Stadium View from Left Field Bleachers

Throughout the history of the ballpark, Angels Stadium has mostly kept around the low 40,000 seating capacity. There was a brief time in their history where their ballpark went over 60,000 seats, but today it’s back around 45k.


What are the Dimensions at Angels Stadium?

Angels Stadium Behind Home Plate

Angel Stadium has the following dimensions from home plate to left field and right field foul poles. In left field, the fence is 338 feet, left center is 387, center field is 400, right center is 378, and the right track is 330.


Nearby Parks

Many baseball parks are close by this venue for fans to visit. Heading north of Angels Stadium, you will get to Dodgers Stadium which is where the Los Angeles Dodgers play baseball. If you head south of Angels Stadium, you will get to Petco Park. If you venture east of Angels Stadium, you will get to Chase Field which is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks.