Portland Timbers Tickets

Portland Timbers Tickets

The Portland Timbers team in Major League Soccer plays at Providence Park at 1844 SW Morrison St, Portland, Oregon 97205. The venue has existed since 1893 and became an official stadium in 1926. Over the years, the venue has grown through renovations, most notably in 2019, via the expansion of the upper deck seating area to allow more fans into the venue. The Portland Timbers are one of the most popular teams in MLS, so getting home game tickets to see them should be on every fan’s list.


Here is the complete breakdown of buying Portland Timbers tickets.


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How Much are Portland Timbers Tickets?


The cheapest Portland Timbers home game tickets at Providence Park are $35. The cheapest tickets tend to be in the General Admission supporters section, which is behind the goal. Fans looking for tickets on the pitch near the middle of the field will spend around $250 for those seats.


However, ticket pricing fluctuates during the regular season for various reasons. For example, games against Seattle Sounders FC will always result in higher ticket prices than the Colorado Rapids or Chicago Fire. Also, any playoff or MLS Cup final game at Providence Park will result in higher ticker prices than any regular season match.


Finally, if you want to see the Portland Timbers play and spend the least money, consider going when there is a U.S. Open Cup. U.S. Open Cup games tend to have less fan interest than a regular season game. Therefore, the face value of a ticket tends to be cheaper on third-party sites since demand is less.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at Providence Park?

Where is the Supporters' Section at Providence Park

The Supporters’ Section at Providence Park is in the general admission area in sections 101-108 and 202-208. The Timbers Army, 107 IST, and Rose City Riveters (their official supporter groups) will be waving flags during a game, singing, raising TIFOs, standing, chanting, and more to support their team. This area at the stadium is also the loudest, so consider buying tickets if you want the ultimate fan experience of catching a home game here.


Also, if you would like to learn more about the supporters of the Portland Timbers, check out their official page on the team’s website.


Finally, you can click on this link if you don’t know what a TIFO is. The supporters of the Portland Timbers tend to have some of the best TIFOs before every game.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of the Portland Timbers?

Who are the Biggest Rivals of the Portland Timbers

The biggest rival of the Portland Timbers is Seattle Sounders FC. Seattle and Portland are natural rivals with a deep soccer history that only fuels the rivalry. These games are the most sought-after during the season buying tickets, so try to attend this game if you can only attend one match in Portland this year.


Outside of games against the Seattle Sounders, other matchups draw more fan interest than others. Those games are when the Los Angeles Galaxy, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, LAFC, Austin FC, and San Jose Earthquakes come to town.


Also, since Portland Timbers lost the MLS Cup at home against New York City FC in 2021, you can expect more fan interest to see them whenever they come back to Portland to play.


What is the Average Seating Capacity for a Portland Timbers Match?

In 2023, Providence Park’s average game-day attendance is over 23k. The total capacity for the venue after the renovations in 2019 is 25k, which means that most games are almost always sold out. Therefore, if you want to go to a Timbers game, consider picking up your tickets ahead of time to ensure you have a seat for the game.


Is There Tailgating Before a Portland Timbers Match?

Is there Tailgating Before a Portland Soccer Match

There is no tailgating before a Portland Timbers (or Portland Thorns) match at Providence Park. However, there are plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance that fans like to visit before a game.


Also, if you have any bags with you, be sure to read the Providence Park Bag Policy guide. That guide will tell you what bags can and can’t come into the arena with fans.


Finally, check out the Providence Park Food Guide to see what you can eat at the venue. 


Best Way to Get to the Portland Timbers Game

One of the best ways to get to the soccer stadium is to use the Max Blue and Red light rail line. The train stop is at the Providence Park Max station, a short walk from the venue.


Fans can also drive to the stadium on matchday. Visit the Providence Park Parking guide to learn more about where to park near the venue.