Inter Miami Tickets

Inter Miami Tickets

Inter Miami CF is a member of Major League Soccer that plays at their temporary home, DRV PNK Stadium, at 1350 NW 55th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Their new venue, Miami Freedom Park, will plan to open in 2025 and be a fully-built and modern soccer stadium. Until then, the team plays their games at DRN PNK Stadium.


Here is the complete breakdown of buying Inter Miami CF tickets and more.


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How Much are Inter Miami Tickets?


With the latest news of Lionel Messi coming to Miami in 2023, ticket prices are now through the roof to catch a home game at DRV PNK Stadium. Before Messi decided to come to Miami, the cheapest ticket prices were around $25 or so for a home game. Today, you can expect ticket prices to start in the $300 range and only go up from there.


Outside of Messi coming to Inter Miami CF, some games during the regular season would increase the ticker price for natural reasons. One regular season matchup that would always drive up the ticket price on third-party sites was a game against Orlando City SC. Since Orlando and Miami are both in Florida, this matchup was always in high demand for that reason alone.


Finally, the matches that tend to be the cheapest for Inter Miami are the U.S. Open Cup Games. These games are less attractive than regular season MLS games since they are outside their normal playing schedule.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at DRV PNK Stadium?

Where is the Supporters' Section at DRV PNK Stadium

The Supporters” Section at DRV PNK Stadium is behind the goal at sections 106-111. Fans in this area will be waving flags, chanting, jumping up and down, and supporting the squad on the pitch. If you want the best in-game fan experience at DRV PNK Stadium, see if you can get tickets in this area.


Also, if you want to be an official supporter of the club, visit the La Familia section on the official website. That link will have tons of information about being the heart and soul of the club and what it means to be a supporter.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of Inter Miami CF?

The biggest rival of Inter Miami is Orlando City SC, since both clubs are in Florida. Orlando is the closest opponent to Miami geographically, so fans for both clubs travel to both locations to cheer on their team when they play against each other. These tickets during the regular season also tend to be some of the most expensive to purchase.


Outside of games against Orlando City SC, there are some other Eastern Conference games that fans look forward to during the season. Some of those games are against Atlanta United FC, Charlotte FC, New York City Football Club, and Philadelphia Union.


What is the Average Seating Capacity for an Inter Miami Match?

What is the Average Seating Capacity for an Inter Miami Match

Before Messi in 2023, the average capacity for an Inter Miami Match was around 16k per game. The venue can only hold 18k since it is a temporary home, but once Messi joins the club officially, you can expect the venue to be sold out. Since the venue is so small, ticket prices on third-party sites are going to be hundreds of dollars.


Also, rumors exist that the team might move their home games in 2023 to Hard Rock Stadium to accommodate the interest in seeing Messi play. Check out the Sun-Sentinel article for more information on this rumor. Hard Rock Stadium can hold over 60k fans per game.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match?

There is tailgating at DRV PNK Stadium for every home game. Also, a Fan Zone Area outside the venue on 53rd Aven opens three hours before kickoff. Fans arriving a few hours before kickoff will see fans grilling, playing music, and more before a game.


Also, if you plan on tailgating before a game, you should understand that certain bags can’t come into the venue with you. Take a moment to read the DRV PNK Stadium Bag Policy.


Finally, if you want to eat at the venue on matchday, check out the DRV PNK Stadium Food Guide.


Best Way to Get to the Game

Driving to PNK Stadium is the best way to get to the venue on matchday. Parking lots open a few hours before kickoff. Visit the DRV PNK Stadium Parking guide for more information.


Fans can also use the Tri-Rail to get to and from the venue, but the train schedule may line up poorly with an MLS game. Therefore, plan your trip ahead of time to see if using the Tri-Rail to get to and from the venue would work for your next match.