CF Montreal Tickets

CF Montreal Tickets

CF Montreal is a member of Major League Soccer that primarily plays its games at Saputo Stadium at 4750 R. Sherbrooke E, Montréal, QC H1V 3S8, Canada. However, if there is a big game or rivalry matchup for CF Montreal, they tend to play it at Olympic Stadium since it can hold more fans. No matter what home venue CF Montreal is playing at, catching a game will be a blast due to the atmosphere that the fans create at either arena.


Here is the complete breakdown of buying CF Montreal tickets and more.


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How Much are CF Montreal Tickets?


The cheapest tickets for a home game at Stade Saputo tend to go for $25. The cheapest tickets at the venue tend to be behind either goalpost at the venue in the corner area. Meanwhile, if you want the best seats at the venue near the field level towards the middle of the pitch, you’ll pay around $125.


For the most part, ticket prices stay relatively the same no matter who CF Montreal plays during the regular season. However, when prices increase, it tends to be when they play Toronto FC or Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Those matchups are Canadian rival games, so ticket demand tends to increase more than a regular season game.


Finally, when CF Montreal is hosting a playoff game, those tickets are most expensive than a regular season match. Each round that CF Montreal moves forward with will also increase ticket prices.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at Saputo Stadium

Where is the Supporters' Section at Saputo Stadium

The supporters’ section at Saputo Stadium is 114, 127, and 132. Fans in these areas will be singing, standing, and cheering on their team for the entirety of the match. If you would like to learn more about being an official supporter of the club, you can visit this link.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of CF Montreal?

The two biggest rivals of CF Montreal are Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Those two games during the regular season will draw large sets of visiting fans to the venue, especially when the game is against Toronto. Fans looking to catch their first CF Montreal game should try when it is either matchup to get the best game-day experience.


Specific matches during the season are more popular than others outside those two teams. Those matches are when New York Red Bulls, New York City FC, New England Revolution, and Philadelphia Union come to town. Those four teams are close to Montreal, so there is a good mix of home and away fans rooting on their team during these matchups.


What is the Average Seating Capacity for a CF Montreal Match?

In 2023, the average attendance for a CF Montreal game is around 17k. However, since Saputo Stadium only can hold around 19k fans per game, most games will be near a sellout. Therefore, fans should buy ticket tickets ahead of time, especially when the match is against Toronto FC.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match?

There is tailgating before a CF Montreal match at Saputo Stadium. Fans should arrive a few hours before kickoff to participate in the festivities.


Also, visit the Saputo Stadium Bag Policy guide to see what bags can and can’t come into the arena. Along with that link, check out the Saputo Stadium Food guide to see what you can eat and drink at the venue on matchday.


Best Way to Get to the Game

The best way to get to and from the venue is to drive. Parking lots open a few hours before kickoff. Visit the Saputo Stadium Parking guide for more information.