Yankee Stadium Review

Section 112 at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx, NY on 161st Street and there are many ways to get to the game. Coming from Connecticut, you can take the Metro-North commuter rail and get dropped off at 153rd Street. That was the way I got in during my trip in 2018, but there are other avenues. If you live in upstate NY, you can take the commuter rail from Poughkeepsie to go south to the Bronx. Check out the New Yankee Stadium Parking page if you are looking for tips for parking.


Fans can take the number 4 train, the B, and the D lines to get to the train via the subway. Numerous buses drop fans off during game time, so there are many options via public transportation. Leaving the game can be a nightmare, so public transportation is the way to go in and out. Yankee Stadium parking cost will vary depending on how close you get to the stadium. If you park right next to the ball park, you can expect to pay around $40. If you find parking further away from the stadium, you can expect to pay half as much.  



The Neighborhood (2 out of 5)

outside new yankee stadium


The Bronx is not ideal for families looking to spend time before or after a game. The neighborhood around the stadium has a few bars, but my suggestion would be to spend your time inside the stadium if possible. While Stans bar is fun to meet up with friends before a game, it gets packed quickly and have overpriced drinks.


One neat aspect to Yankee Stadium is the ability to get food from an outside vendor and bring it into the stadium. Most MLB Stadiums do not allow this practice, so this is awesome. I’ve been able to bring in full Subway sandwiches into the venue, so take advantage of this if you want to save money!


One redeeming aspect of the neighborhood is where the old Yankee Stadium use to be. This area has now been converted into many smaller fields for people to use and play on. Part of the old façade still lingers in the outfield which adds a nice tough and reminder as to what was once there.  


The Stadium (3.5 out of 5)

Yankee Stadium the Great Hall

Yankee Stadium is one of the newer stadiums in MLB so that you can expect a lot of modern amenities. Almost all of the concourses are open to the playing field, so you can always see the action. The only sections of the stadium that can’t be seen are in the bleachers, but recent renovations have made the two sections to the left and right of the center field batter’s eye open to the field. Throughout the concourses, fans can look at Yankee Stadium memorabilia both from the new and old stadium.


One reason why the New Yankee Stadium falls short in their score is for a few reasons. First, you can tell that the stadium was designed to cater to corporate business owners. The seats down near the field are huge, have waiters, and unlimited food choices. Most people can’t drop a thousand dollars to go to a baseball game, so the rest of the stadium feels very generic to the Old Yankee Stadium. As I’ve gone to many different parks, I’ve seen a trend of adding more standing room only sections, building out craft beer bars that are in the stadium, and much more. Yankee Stadium gets a pass because it is the New York Yankees, but there are other places that do a better job with their amenities for the casual fan.


Food (4.5 of out 5)

Food and Drink Options at Yankee Stadium

All in all, getting Food at Yankee Stadium is a treat. The stadium has a wide-range of cuisines from traditional ballpark food to high-end dinners. Check out the Yankee Stadium Food guide before your next visit! 


The Atmosphere (4 out of 5)

Yankee Stadium from the Upper Deck


Catching a game at Yankee Stadium is an experience baseball fans should not pass up on. The fans are passionate, the stadium can get pretty loud, and you will feel the electricity through the stadium for matchups against the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox. Fans showing up in opposing gear may get a hard time if you are sitting in the bleachers, so this is your warning. Speaking of the bleachers, you should get to the game early so you can witness the Bleacher Creature Roll Call. The Bleacher Creatures out in section 203 will chant each Yankee Players name until the player tips their hat to their direction. It’s the only ballpark that has this tradition, so its special.



One reason why I don’t give this stadium a 5 out of 5 (even though I’m a Yankees fan) is for three reasons. First, the place is not as loud as Old Yankee Stadium. The more passionate fans sit further back because the tickets are too expensive. Second, the price of the venue is way too much for a baseball game. You can find cheap tickets during the weekday, but good luck finding affordable seats anywhere on the lower level. Finally, I’m not a fan moat behind home plate. The seats are almost always empty, and it gives a strange feeling in the park with so many people sitting so far away while up close seats are empty.  


Repeat Value (4 out of 5)

Yankee Stadium Review


The New Yankee Stadium is expensive, but the experience is great for die-hard fans. Going to watch the Yankees is different than watching most other MLB teams. You are paying to see the Yankees win, not necessarily to watch a baseball game. The stadium is nice and new and baseball fans will certainly have a great time here. Another neat thing is to visit the ballpark during Old Timer’s Day. During Old Timer’ Day, you will hear the old PSA announcer, Bob Sheppard of the Yankees, welcome fans.


Final Score (3.75 out of 5)