Rogers Centre Review

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Getting to the Game (4.5 out of 5)

Rogers Centre‘s location is in the heart of downtown Toronto. The stadium is next to major train lines along with the Gardiner Expressway highway. With many convenient pedestrian walkways that connect the city of Toronto underground, you have plenty of options to get to the stadium both in Toronto and in the suburbs.


If you are looking for Rogers Centre parking, you can check out that resource. Below is a video of my experience at Rogers Centre in 2019.



The Neighborhood (3.5 out of 5)

Outside the stadium, you have three main tourist attractions to check out. There is a lit-up sign that spells out Canada which many fans take pictures in front of at night. You have the CN tower that sits directly next to Rogers Centre, so you can’t miss it. Finally, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium sits next to the stadium too.


There are a few bars across the stadium to check out before the game. My brother and I went to one of the bars, which was more like an arcade, so it was fun. I did not see any specific Blue Jays bars around the stadium, so that was a bit disappointing.


The Park (3 out of 5)

The Stadium is both impressive and underwhelming at the same time. It’s a weird contrast that I’ll break down below, but I think the stadium has many pros and cons.


Rogers Centre Parking Tips


For the pros, I love how the Jays have a retractable roof and can play baseball each day. I was fortunate to catch two games at the Rogers Centre with the roof open and closed. Having the roof open gives you great view of the CN Tower and the skyscrapers, but having a roof is excellent when it’s cold out, or raining. I enjoyed the standing room deck out in the center field as I’m an advocate of walking around watching baseball from different views. Finally, having a hotel built in the stadium is a unique touch.


200 Level at Rogers Centre View


For the cons, I thought the main exterior structure was ugly. Exposed concrete both outside and inside the stadium left and unfinished look which was baffling. My second issue was how the seats were laid out on the bottom floor. I’m not tall, so when someone sat in front of me, I could not see the pitcher or batter. Part of the issue with the lower level is that it was designed to be moved for events, so it’s not great for baseball. Moving to the second level or top-level had more elevation, so that was a plus as the seats had more incline.


Food (2 of out 5)

The food was neither exceptional or terrible at the game. The Jays have these $5 stands where you can get a few food items too, so that was great. Hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, and more were part of this deal, so this was great to get a lot of food for cheap. There is a great BBQ stand in right-center field, so check that out if you are looking for something different.


Check out the Rogers Centre Food guide.


The Atmosphere (2 out of 5)

Downtown Skyline of Toronto from the Water

I caught two games against the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, but the season was essentially over for all three teams. The Sox and Jays were going to miss the playoffs in 2019, so people did not care. The Yankees already made the playoffs, so they had a lot of September call ups playing. The atmosphere for both games lacked due to the circumstances, so it was unfortunate.


Repeat Value (2.5 out of 5)

Rogers Centre is both great, but underwhelming for baseball games. Having a retractable roof is something I love as baseball can take place no matter what the weather circumstances are. Lots of exposed concrete, sub-par food choices, and lack of fan atmosphere made this very average for me. With Red Sox and Yankees home price tickets so expensive, you should consider heading to Toronto for cheaper tickets and a small vacation.


Final Verdict (3.08 out of 5)

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