Progressive Field Review

Panoramic View of Progressive Field

Getting to the Game (3.5 out of 5)

Progressive Field is in downtown Cleveland and right off the highway. Fans heading to the game won’t have too much difficulty getting to the arena or finding parking options around the stadium.   Here is the guide to Progressive Field Parking if you plan to drive to the venue. If you would like to check out my video vlog, you can watch this video below.



The Neighborhood (3.5 out of 5)

Being in downtown Cleveland, you get the city feel as you walk towards the stadium. My hotel was about a mile away from the park, so I was able to walk by a few sports bars on my way to the venue. Everyone I spoke with told me that Cleveland is a football town, so the atmosphere for a baseball game vs a football game is night and day apparently. There were a few sports bars with people hanging outside them before the game, but it was average. I would say that part of the issue was that it was raining the entire day and it was a weekday, so I’ve heard the place is more alive on the weekend.


The Park (4.5 out of 5)

Progressive Field Bleacher View Sunset

Progressive Field is gorgeous and one of the best parks I’ve been to so far. First, I think the standing room options on the lower level are incredible. Fans would rather stand with their friends, drink beer, and watch the game if they can. I did this with my friends at Fenway this year, but Progressive Field has way more standing sections. Second, I think The Corner out in the right field is genuinely impressive. It’s an open bar experience that is on two levels, so fans catch watch the game on TV, or look out and watch the game in front of them. Third, the bullpen access for fans is impressive. I was able to watch the Twins players warm up without having a ticket to that section in right-center. Finally, I love how you can walk around the stadium without any issue.


The reason why I can’t give this place a 5 out of 5 is because of the hideous pod section in the upper deck in right field. When I went to the top floor during the game, I could not help but look at that section in disbelief. For a stadium to do so much right, why they chose to stick these awkward pods in right field and call them standing room sections is baffling. When you go to Coors Field, you will see how well they did their upper deck renovations. I wanted to give this a five out of five, but I could not because those things in the upper deck felt lazy. The only two places I’ve given a five out of five are my PNC Park Review and Fenway Park Review.


Ugly Pods at Progessive Field


Food (5 of out 5)

The Corner Cleveland Indians

The food is fantastic at Progressive Field, which was something I was not expecting. So many choices to choose from made the experience great. I got a BBQ grilled cheese sandwich, but they had taco stands, hot dog stands, sausage stands, and much more. The Corner and outfield food stands are where the most variety lives in the stadium, so check that out. I can’t stress how impressive it was to see so many different food options around the stadium. Not many stadiums offer so much variety for the general fan to choose from.


Check out the ultimate Progressive Field Food guide before your next visit!


The Atmosphere (3.5 out of 5)

The atmosphere was average, which was not a good or bad thing. There is a drummer out in the bleachers who bangs his drum to get the crowd into the game, but the fans at times were not feeling it. Overall, I would say that when the team is not doing well (like in 2019), you can expect a more casual experience. Ushers at the park told me that in 2016, Progressive Field was rocking and felt a lot different than it has in 2019.


Repeat Value (4 out of 5)


Progressive Field is one of my favorite parks I’ve been to so far. I wish I could give the stadium a five out five, but I hate those pods with a passion. Otherwise, you will love the friendly ushers, the food, the standing room sections, and more. You should also check out Heritage Park out in center Field to learn about the history of the Indians. Also, get to the game early so you can have your picture taken at the lower level like me.



Greg at Progressive Field

Final Verdict (4 out of 5)