Old Yankee Stadium Review

  Old Yankee Stadium From the Upper Deck Behind Home Plate

Getting to the Game (4.5 out of 5)

The Old Yankee Stadium‘s location was right across the street from the New Yankee Stadium. There was no difference in getting to the game as the new place. The same trains brought fans to the game and the parking garages were still around the stadium. Parking at Yankee Stadium was virtually the same at the old place.


The Neighborhood (2 out of 5)

Number 4 Train Leaving Old Yankee Stadium

The old Yankee Stadium is no longer is around, but the field is now a community space which is nice. Fans taking the commuter rail from Up State NY or Connecticut will land on 153rd Street, so you will walk by the old place on your way to the game. The Bronx itself is not great and I have not spent a single second in any bar around the stadium to see what the neighborhood could be like. Honestly, it’s just not a safe area especially after a game and when it’s night.


The Stadium (3.5 out of 5)

  Old Yankee Stadium Empty Behind Home Plate

The Old Yankee Stadium was great, but looking back at it now, I can see some issues. For the positives, I loved how the upper deck hung over the field. When you sat in the upper deck, you felt like you were on top of the field. Sitting in the upper deck was wonderful and you could even catch foul balls which is something that is extremely tough to do at the New Yankee Stadium.  On the downside, I remember how tiny the concourses were. It was a bit of a nightmare walking around the park in the cramped corridors. Especially when fans were in line to get food, you can imagine the traffic jam trying to get around.


Food (3 of out 5)

The Old Yankee Stadium did not have any fancy food options in general. Sure, they had luxury box seats and a restaurant, but typical food was hot dogs and hamburgers. Nothing wrong with these food options, but it was a different time.


The Atmosphere (5 out of 5)

 I went to Yankee Stadium so many times, so I’m biased with my opinion. I just remember a sense of electricity I could feel in the air as I got off the number 4 train walking to the park. The place was incredibly loud and the Bleacher Creatures in section 39 were awesome. The new place is not as loud as the old place, so it’s something where I have to give it a 5.


Repeat Value (5 out of 5)


Old Yankee Stadium with my Mom


Obviously the stadium is not around anymore, but if it was, I would recommend everyone going to it. The place was fun, it was loud, and it was intimidating with the upper deck over the field. The place felt like incredible and I miss it.


Old Yankee Stadium with my Dad

Final Score (3.58 out of 5)