Fenway Park Review

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023 at 09:07 am

Greg and Caitlin at Fenway Park

Getting to the Game (3.5 out of 5)

Fans can take both the local T (MBTA) green line to either Kenmore or Fenway Park. The green line is notorious for being small, unreliable, and slow, but it beats driving if you live in the city. There is a commuter rail station outside the park as well, so fans from outside Boston can use that too. Fenway Park Parking is one of the most expensive places I have been to, so check out that link for deals.


Here is a video of my experience


The Neighborhood (5 out of 5)

Behind Fenway Park on Landsdowne Street

Fenway Park has the most delightful area around any stadium in the game. There are many things to do before and after a game, so you come early and stay late in the area which is a huge plus for tourists. Tons of sports bars like Cask N Flagons, Game On, Loretta, House of Blues, and more are all outside the ballpark on Yawkey Way and Lansdowne Street. One unique bar at the ballpark is actually in the park, but you don’t need a ticket to get om. The bar is Bleacher Bar, and it’s in the green monster. In the picture above, you will see the entrance where on the left-hand side with the arrow pointing down.


The Park (3 out of 5)

Behind Home Plate at Fenway Park

Boston fans will crucify me for this review, but by going to may parks, I know Fenway has its limitations. Many seats are not comfortable if you are taller than 5 feet 4 inches, so sitting for a long time can become stiff. There are a fair amount of seats behind poles, so obstruction is something that can happen. Finally, in right field, your position is angled toward center field instead of home plate, so expect to have your neck cramp up as the game comes to an end.


With all the criticism about the actual seats, Fenway Park itself is still incredible. It’s small, it’s full of charm, cozy, and perfect for baseball. No question about it, Fenway Park itself has so much nostalgia that you will forget about all the new fancy parks once you are inside. Fun fact, the green monster in left still uses a manual scoreboard which only a few stadiums still do today. Also, Fenway is the oldest ballpark in baseball, so you have to cut it some slack when you compare it to new and modern stadiums.  


Food (2 of out 5)

Fenway Park will have your traditional food with some slight moderation. Fenway Franks are a staple part of the experience, but you will also find burgers, fries, chicken tenders, and more at the game. You can also find souvenir cups that have ice cream in them for fans to enjoy.


Check out the Fenway Park Food Guide for your next visit!


The Atmosphere (5 out of 5)

Budweiser Seats at Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of the most fun ballparks to catch a baseball game in MLB. The atmosphere outside the game will get you pumped, and once inside, you will see complete loyalty to the team from the fans. The fans are into the game from the first pitch, so you see people cheer and agonize on each close ball. You will also see The Red Sox mascot walk around and interact with fans as well. Sweet Caroline plays in the middle of the eighth inning which relieves the stress of the game. I find it cheesy, but I would say most fans still enjoy the tradition to a degree.


Repeat Value (5 out of 5)

Teammate Statues outside of Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of the best MLB experiences you can get today. It makes sense to spend a little extra money not to have an obstructed view so you can thoroughly enjoy the game. The team and the fans are exciting, so baseball games feel different here. Feel free to check out the other reviews to see how Fenway compared to other parks.


Final Verdict (3.92 out of 5)

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