Coors Field Review

Coors Field Review

Getting to the Game (3 out of 5)

I’ve been to Coors Field twice and came by walking from my hotel and driving. Parking is ample around the stadium, which is good. Leaving the game was also pretty to get out via walking and driving.


The Neighborhood (3 out of 5)

Coors Field Outside View

Selfishly, I wanted more from the neighborhood when I visited the ballpark for the first time. You are in downtown Denver, so there are ample bars around for you to visit. My issue with the location comes to the missed opportunity of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. The downtown is behind home plate, so you can only see this from the outfield, and the Rocky Mountains are deep in left field. If the city or the Rocky Mountains were in a better sight, I think it would rival PNC Park.


The Park (4 out of 5)

the rockies park

Coors Field is a beautiful ballpark. The renovations out in the upper deck in right field are a nice addition to the ballpark. My view behind the dugout was nice and close to the area which gave great sights. The concourses were nice and wide, so getting around the park was easy. Check out the Coors Field Parking guide if you plant to drive to the venue.


Food (2.5 out of 5)

coors field food

The food at the ballpark was standard as what you would find at many ballparks. You will find chicken wings, personal pizza, burgers, fries, and more staple foods. Famous Dave’s BBQ was a favorite with the locals, and that was what I got at the game. The Mountain Ranch Club is also a fan favorite.There is a view from the right field of the field so fans can enjoy the game as they eat.


Check out the Coors Field Food guide!


The Atmosphere (1.5 out of 5)

Behind Home Plate at Coors Field

I’ve been to two games at Coors field (2015 and 2022) and both times the atmosphere was lacking. In 2015, the team was in first place and you would have never known. The fans didn’t care at all about the game, and support for the team was visibly lacking.


During the game I went to in 2022, it was the same story. The game was against the LA Dodgers and it might as well been a game in LA. Rockies fans barely cheer for their team, and even the speakers at the venue were unusually quiet.


Overall, unless the Rockies are in the playoffs, it feels like a Minor League game experience at a MLB ballpark. Catching a game at Coors is easily the quietest atmosphere I’ve been at for any baseball game.


Repeat Value (2 out of 5)

Coors Field is a beautiful park in Denver, Colorado. However, I can’t see myself going back to the stadium due to the lack of atmosphere that was present at my game. I want to enjoy the game I’m at, but Coors Field was so quiet and the fans there couldn’t care less about their team. Maybe the place is different when the team is in the playoffs, but I was there when they were in first and still nobody cared. However, my friends and I had a great time hanging out in deep right field, so maybe I caught the game on a bad night.


Final Verdict (2.67 out of 5)