Comerica Park Review

Upper Devk View of Comerica Park

Getting to the Game (3 out of 5)

Comerica Park’s location is in downtown Detroit, Michigan sitting next to their football stadium, Ford Field. Detroit has plenty of parking and bus routes to the stadium, so getting int the venue is accessible with a car or bus. Like Progressive Field out in Cleveland, Detroit is a smaller city, so they don’t have as many public ways to get to the stadium as a place like Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium do.



The Neighborhood (2 out of 5)

The city of Detroit has its problems, but the downtown area where the Tigers play is not too bad. There are a few bars outside the park including Elwood Grill that people go to before the game. From my perspective, you won’t spend much time outside the park, so your best bet is to head straight into the game.


Here is the guide to Comerica Park Parking if you plan to drive. If you are looking for Ford Field Parking, you can check out that links as well. The Detroit Pistons and Red Wings also play close by at Little Caesars Arena. If you are looking for Little Caesars Arena Parking, you can check out that resource.


The Park (3.5 out of 5)

Rays Warming up at Comerica Park

Comerica Park is a new park that has your usual bells and whistles. Open concourses give you a good view of the action as you walk around getting food. There are plenty of standing room sections in center field and behind the bleachers in left field and right. The upper deck is not too steep, so you have a good view of the action. Also, you have a great view of the downtown city from the upper deck, so head up to the top to take a picture.


With this being a new park, I felt the stadium itself was bit above average. I came from Progressive Field the night before which might have swayed my view of a park. There were odd things in the venue that made me feel like I was at a carnival (or minor league game) than an MLB game. A Ferris wheel, a merry go round, pitching speed contests, insurance promotion booths, and more were all strange. I could not shake this feeling when I was walking out of the stadium that while these might be good for kids, I felt like the stadium was not for me.


Food (2.5 of out 5)

Food choices at Comerica Park were basic for such a new ballpark. I could not find a single stand that had hamburgers, which should tell you something in the upper deck. In the upper deck, I saw the same three venues having Little Ceasar Pizza, Chicken Tenders, and hot dogs. Even the lower level had the same feeling as the top with the food choices. Again, I came from Cleveland the day before, and they had so many better options via the food. Here is my review of Progressive Field so you can see what I’m talking about.


Check out the Comerica Park Food guide before your next visit!


The Atmosphere (3 out of 5)

View from the Left Field Bleachers at Comerica Park (2)

I caught my game at 1:00 PM on a Thursday against the Rays, so you get what you get. There were a few sections in the upper deck with kids from programs, so the kids were having a good time. Standing in the standing room sections, I had a feeling people were there to enjoy the beautiful weather and not watch the game, which is fine. Maybe the fans were not loud because the Rays had a great game, but the overall mood was average at best. I’m sure if I went to a game at night, I would have a different experience.


Repeat Value (2.5 out of 5)

Greg at Comerica Park

Comerica Park was a bit of a disappointment for me. For the pros, I think the city backdrop is beautiful and makes sitting in the upper deck nice. It’s not as good as PNC Park, but that’s ok. Second, I like the standing room sections out in the outfield. I think having more open space for fans to interact with their friends is positive. Finally, I found the ushers to be very nice, which is not always the case in places.


Now for the cons. The food options got on my nerve since I ate early that morning and was starving when I got inside. I found it odd that there were more carnival things to do at an MLB game that it took me out of the experience. Finally, I feel like the stadium is too big, which is a bummer. I sat out in the left field, and two home runs were hit my way but fell into the visiting bullpen due to how much space is between the pen and the wall.


Final Verdict (2.75 out of 5)