Wrigley Field Parking

Wrigley Field Parking

Parking near Wrigley Field and Cubs Parking

Wrigley Field is the new home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Wrigley Field is one of the oldest MLB stadiums in the game, so it’s a popular destination for baseball fans to visit. Get familiar with the parking situation before your next visit for a Chicago Cubs games.


Is there Handicap Parking at Wrigley Field?

Finding handicap parking is possible, but may be more difficult than other parks in the game. Wrigley is built into the city, so there are not many parking garages and lots like Fenway Park. Fans should call 1-800-the-cubs to schedule ADA parking for a cubs game. Fans will also need to have a valid parking pass to leave their vehicles in these designated lots.


Is there Tailgating at Wrigley Field?

There is no tailgating at Wrigley Field. With the park being in the middle of the cit, fans have the option of checking out the local bars around the park. Some of the fan favorite spots to drink include Murphy’s Bleachers, Bernie’s Tap and Grill, Cubby Bear, and more.


How Much is Parking at Wrigley Field?

Parking near Wrigely Field will have rates vary depending on where you park and when the game is. Some lots can charge $30 and up depending on how close you want to be to the stadium. The Skybox on Sheffield is the most expensive lot going for $70, but it’s right next to the stadium.


Is there Street Parking?

If you can find parking on the street outside the venue, you should take advantage of that. Fans should check all signs to make sure they can park on the street. Look out for permit only sections, tow zones, and more restrictions. If you are looking for free parking anywhere on the street, you should look for Southport to Cubby Bear, Graceland Cemetery East, and LV2 zones.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

Wrigley Field Parking is incredibly expensive, so taking the train or bus to a Cubs game may be the best option. Fans in the suburbs can take Pace’s Wrigley Field Express Route nonstop to Wrigley Field on game day. You can also take the subway to the game by taking the Red Line, Green Line, or Purple Line to the venue.


Cheap Cubs Tickets

Wrigley Field Looking from the Crowd


The Chicago Cubs are in the top five in attendance which is usually the case for most years. In 2019, the Cubs baseballt tickets average over 37k fans per game, so getting seats might be difficult. Fans looking for cheap Cubs tickets should use SeatGeek, TicketMaster, and StubHub to find great deals. Cubs bleacher tickets are usually the cheapest options for fans to request, but seating is limited.