Target Field Parking

Target Field Parking for the Twins

Parking Near Target Field for Twins Stadium Parking

Target Field is the home of the Minnesota Twins baseball team who are in the MLB. The Minneapolis baseball stadium is a new park, so fans will need to know where to park now when catching a Twins game. The previous home to the MLB team was the Metrodome. The new ballpark holds over 40,000 seats in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, so it’s important to know the parking near Target Field options to  find a spot on game day. Here is the guide to Twins game parking for a baseball game.


In addition to baseball, Minnesota also has a football team, basketball team, and hockey team all close by the ballpark. If you are looking for U.S Bank Stadium Parking for the Vikings, you can check out that link. For the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves, you can check out the Target Center Parking tips. For the NHL Minnesota Wild, you can visit the Xcel Energy Center Parking tips page.


Is there Handicap Parking at Target Field?

There is handicap parking at Target Field for fans to use. Fans can use Ramp A and Ramp B to use handicap parking for baseball games and Target Field events. Both of these lots offer direct connections to the stadium, so it’s convenient for fans to use via a short walk to the venue. A valid parking pass will be necessary to park in these lots.


Is there Tailgating at Target Field?

There is tailgating at Target Field, but only in designated parking lot areas that are outside the main proximity of the stadium. Twins game parking tailgating sections occur out in the Warehouse District, but the distance is a bit far from the stadium. The Twins recommend heading to downtown Minneapolis to check out the local bars before or after the game.


Fans can use grills for tailgating, but can’t have a wood fire. Twins fans will also have to respect others around them, so you can’t play your music too loud if it bothers others. Finally, fans will have to remove all their trash and put them in the trash bins in the parking lots.


Is there Street Parking by Target Field?

In downtown Minneapolis, you can find Twins game parking on the streets near the venue. Look for sections that say “Event Zones” in the city of Minneapolis so you know you can park there for a game via metered parking. You can park at the parking meters on the street, but spaces may be limited, so plan to come early if you want street parking.


As a tip, Twins fans should get in the habit of looking at dynamic messaging signs in downtown Minneapolis to be up to date on any parking changes.


How Much is Parking at Target Field?

To reserve your parking spot, visit the Target Field SpotHero Parking Page and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up. 

If you plan to park in the Target Field parking lots, you can expect to pay $20. If you park at the ABC ramps, you can expect to pay around $20 for a parking spot which connects the parking ramps to the venue via Skyway. Parking near Target Field can find parking rates lower than $20, but use SpotHero above to find these deals.


Can you Bring Water Bottles into Target Field?

Fans can bring in water that is 32 ounces or less. Only water can be in the water bottles and is subjected to search by security when entering the game.


Can I Bring a Backpack and Purse into the Game?

As of 2019, you can bring a backpack into the game, but it has to be smaller than 16″ x 16″ x 8″. MLB may get rid of this rule in 2020 since many parks are going bag less, so it is always best to call ahead if you have any questions.


Can I take Public Transportation?

Downtown parking has it’s limitations on game day, so fans should consider taking public transportation to save money on parking. Fans can take a light rail bus, the Metro Blue and Green Line, and the NorthStar commuter rail. NorthStar trains will leave even if the game goes into extra innings, so look at the train schedule. Finally, fans can consider using a ride share service like Uber or Lyft to and from the game.


Popular Match ups

The Twins are great in 2019, so you can expect parking for Target Field to be difficult. When certain teams come and visit the Twin Cities for baseball, you can expect even bigger crowds. Events that draw the largest crowds include the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, Washington Nationals, Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox.


Cheap Twins Tickets

Target Field Packed Crowd


The Minnesota Twins are one of the best teams in baseball in 2019. As the weather gets better in Minnesota, you can expect more fans to show up at the game. Over 24k fans show up per game to see the Twins, but that number should climb during the summer. If you are looking for Minnesota Twins cheap tickets, you should consider using SeatGeek, TicketMaster, and StubHub to find great deals. Fans can also head over to the Minnesota Twins ticket office to get tickets at the venue directly.