Miller Park Parking


Miller Park Parking

Parking Near Miller Park for Brewers Games


Miller Park is the ballpark home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team out in Wisconsin. The Brewer’s location, at 1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI 53214, is a bit outside downtown Milwaukee and sits in a giant parking lot. Here is the guide to finding parking at Miller Park.


Here is my review of Miller Park if you want to check that out. In addition to MLB baseball games, Milwaukee’s basketball sits four miles away at Fiserv Forum. If you are looking for Fiserv Forum parking, you can check out that link.


Is there Handicap Parking at Miller Park?

There is handicap and accessible parking at Miller Park. Fans can park directly outside the arena at Brewers Lots 1 and 2. Staff is available to assist fans who need any assistance with Miller Park handicap parking. Fans will need to have a valid parking pass for the parking area and general parking for accessible spots.


Is there Tailgating at Miller Park Parking Lots?

Tailgating is a huge aspect to going to a Brewers game. Tailgate lots open three hours before first pitch and the parking staff allows fans to continue tailgating after first pitch. If tailgating is something you like to do, you will have a blast at Miller Park. Get ready to see ice luges, beer pong, grilling, music, and more.


How Much is Brewers Parking?

Parking near Miller Park rates will depend on how far away you want to park. Fans parking a bit outside the arena will expect to pay about $15, but its a first come first serve basis. If you sign up for early parking, you can drop that price to $11. If you park a bit closer to the venue, you can expect to pay about $25. Preferred parking sits alongside the front entrance of the facility.


Is there Miller Park Bus Parking?

Fans looking for Miller Park bus parking will have to use the Miller Lot. The Miller lot sits out in left field outside the stadium and can fit buses and RV. Miller Lot sites on Miller Park Way Northbound and Selig Drive. Bus parking will cost around $75 for game day, but advance parking can bring down the cost to $40 or $50. For additional assistance and information, please call 414-902-4979.


Should I take Public Transportation to the Game?

Buses bring fans to Miller Park, so that is always an option if you would rather not drive. Fans can look for the Milwaukee County Transit System to bring them to the game. Riding your bicycle to the game is a popular option when the weather is nice out in Milwaukee too.


Popular Games

Expect large crowds when the Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago Cubs visit. Other popular Major League Baseball home games for the Brewers include the Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals, Kansas City Royals, and San Diego Padres. Expect there to be even more fan interest when it is opening day or the postseason.


Brewers Game Tickets

Miller Park - Milwaukee Brewers


Brewers Field is in the top ten via attendance in 2019. Over 34k fans show up each day, so getting tickets can be at time difficult. Fans looking to buy tickets at the park can head over to the Milwaukee Brewers ticket office. If you want to find cheap Brewers tickets, you should consider using SeatGeek, TicketMaster, and StubHub to find deals during the season.