Arrowhead Stadium Parking

Parking for Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City Chiefs

Outside Kansas City Chiefs Stadium

Arrowhead is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team out in the Truman Sports Complex in Missouri. The exact address of the venue sits on 1 Arrowhead Dr, Kansas City, MO 64129 In the Truman Sports Complex, you have Kauffman Stadium, so there is plenty of parking options for fans to use when baseball is over. Here is the guide to parking for a Kansas Chiefs football game below.


If you are looking for Kauffman Stadium Parking, you can check out that resource.


Arrowhead Stadium Handicap Parking

There are handicap spaces available in all lots for fans to use for Arrowhead Stadium parking. Please note that all handicap parking spaces come at a first come and first serve basis. Fans will need to show a valid parking pass to leave their vehicle in these parking spaces. If you are looking for more specific parking information, you can find helpful attendants at the lots ready to serve.


Is there Tailgating?

Tailgate parties are a popular aspect to Kansas Chiefs Football games and can be found in all lots. Fans can only take up one spot with their vehicle for parking at the venue. Chiefs fans can grill before the goal, but all coals need to be properly disposed of in the trash. There are plenty of trash bins in the parking lots for fans to dispose their coal, so you will see where to go. Getting a large tail gate party before kick off is the way to go at a Chiefs game.


How Much is Kansas Chiefs Parking?


The Kansas City Chiefs offer three different levels of parking for fans to choose from. Red Parking, Gold parking, and platinum parking with the two latter’s being for season ticket holders. Red Parking lots go for $35 on game day for the Chiefs. Arrowhead Stadium parking lots sit in the same venue as Kauffman Stadium where the Kansas City Royals play.


Popular Match ups and Events

The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the AFC Championship last year, so expect many fans to show up in 2019. Games against the Green bay Packers,  Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco Giants, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angels Chargers, and Houston Texas will see large crowds. Other single game matches that will draw a large crowd include the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

There are buses that fans can take if you are looking for transportation options. The KCATA route is on the Metro’s 47-Broadway and services fans along Blue Ridge Cutoff and to Blue Ridge Crossing. Another option for fans to consider is using the ride share program, Uber or Lyft, to get to and from the game. Taking a Uber or Lyft can save you the headache of leaving the parking lot once the game ends.