Polar Park Food

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Polar Park Food

Best Food at Polar Park

Polar Park is home to the Worcester Red Sox (WooSox) AAA minor league baseball team for the MLB Boston Red Sox team. The venue sits in the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts, at 100 Madison St, Worcester, MA 01608. The venue has a wide selection of food and drink choices for fans to enjoy during a minor league baseball game. One of the signature food sections at the stadium is the Taste of Worcester, a rotating food menu all season.


Here is the complete food and drink guide at Polar Park.


Classic Polar Park Food

Classic Polar Park Food

  • Nacho Stand: Fans looking for nachos, soda, water, beer, and more can head to section 1
  • Coney Island Hot Dogs: The classic ballpark treat is at section 5
  • Infield Fry: Chicken sandwiches, soda, water, beer, and more in section 10
  • Behind the Plate: Burgers, fries, soda, water, beer, and more directly behind home plate
  • Beer Stands: The Coors Light Beer stand sits directly behind section 9 at the stadium
  • WooSox Market: Offering a wide range of snacks and drinks to get behind section 12. Also, fans can get vegetarian and vegan options here.
  • Wonder Bar Pizza: Cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and more in section 15
  • Sausage Guy: Italian sausages, pretzels, soda, water, beer, and more on the first base side of the ballpark


New Food at Polar Park

New Food at Polar Park

  • Battle Burgers: Polar Park offers a rotating menu of specialty burgers to showcase the different opponents visiting the WooSox for a game. For example, the Columbus Battle Burger takes inspiration from Cincinnati chili to make their burger. Fans can find these burgers behind home plate.
  • BT’s BBQ: Serving up a wide range of BBQ treats, including brisket, mac and cheese, and more, in the field corner area
  • Harpoon Stand: Fans looking for craft beer from Harpoon can head to section 103 out in the right field
  • A Taste of Worcester: A rotating menu of food options specifically designed to highlight the cuisine you can get in Worcester. Fans can find this area in the right-center field


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Classic Ice Cream: Many of the concession stands at the venue allow you to purchase ice cream to enjoy during a game
  • Sweet & Boozy: Fans looking for ice cream sundaes or alcoholic ice cream can find this stand on the first base side of the diamond
  • Kids Zone Vendors: Cotton candy, Dippin’ Dots, and more out in the center field
  • Behind the Plate: Kelley Korn Dog, cracker jacks, table talk pies, and candy behind home plate


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks into Polar Park?

Fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into Polar Park for a Minor League Baseball Game. However, some exceptions can be made at the gate if you need to bring something for medical or religious reasons. For example, fans can bring baby formula or a dietary powder mix to the venue.


Also, be sure to visit the Polar Park Bag Policy Guide to see what bags you can bring into the ballpark.


Popular Bars and Restaurants Near the Stadium

Fans heading to Polar Park for a game should take time before or after the match to explore the food options near the venue. Some nearby bars and restaurants include The Banner Bar and Grille, Boardroom Kitchen and Bar, Blackstone Herbs and Martini Bar, and the 9ines Neighborhood Ba and Grille.

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