Kaseya Center Food

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Kaseya Center Food

Kaseya Center (originally American Airlines Arena and FTX Arena) is the NBA home of the Miami Heat. The venue opened in 1999 in downtown Miami at 601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida 33132. Outside of hosting basketball games, the venue is also home to many concerts, shows, events, performances, and more. Here is the Kaseya Center food and drink guide!


Also, I’ve been to Kaseya Center, so I share my experience and recommendations for food.


Kaseya Center Food Spotlight

Classic Kaseya Center Food

Classic Kaseya Center Food

  • Chicken Ciao: Serving up fan-favorite meals like chicken tenders, hot dogs, and burgers out in the concourse at sections 108 and 309
  • Papa Johns: Fans looking for classic Italian pizza can head to sections 101, 113, 310, 323, and 416.
  • Bacardi Bars: There are countless concession stands around the venue that offers mixed drinks and more for fans to enjoy
  • Family Fare: Families can head to section 315 to get kids hot dogs, popcorn, water, candy, and more.
  • Downtown Dog: Serving up hot dogs with a wide range of toppings out in sections 112 and 407
  • Gyros: Fans looking for gyros to enjoy on gameday can go to sections 120 and 325.
  • Phuc Yea: Fried rice and protein (chicken, steak, or shrimp) at section 124
  • Craft Beer: Fans looking for craft beer from South Florida to enjoy on gameday can head to sections 110, 114, and 123
  • Portable Beer Stands: There are numerous portable beer stands throughout the venue to grab a drink from during the game


New Food at Kaseya Center

New Food at Kaseya Center

  • Ms. Cheezious: Serving up pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches out in section 120
  • Sergio’s: Authentic Cuban sandwiches and other cuisine dishes with beans, rice, protein, and more out in section 117
  • Kono Sushi: Fans looking for sushi food items can go to sections 124 and 326
  • Bodega: Fans looking for pork tacos, chicken tacos, and more can head to sections 108, 124, and 303
  • Blue Iguana Tequila Bar: Fans looking for signature drinks, cocktails, margaritas, and more can head to sections 406 and 416


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Mojo Donuts: A wide range of donuts, including Nutella bacon, maple bacon, Miami heat, and more, out in section 109
  • Frozen Yogurt Stand: Fans looking for a tasty and healthy treat can head to section 112.
  • Nut Stand: Fans looking for nuts and more to enjoy during a game can go to sections 113, 304, 406, and 416.
  • Candy: There are numerous candy stands throughout the concourse to grab something from during the game
  • Haggen Ice Cream Stand: There are multiple ice cream stands throughout the venue to grab ice cream from


My Food Recommendation and Experience

I went to the Miami Heat venue way back in 2016, so the name of the stadium was something different. However, what I got at the stadium still exists today, which is the Phuc Yea stand. I’m a fan of fried rice and shrimp, so I got that for the game. What I remember liking about it was that it was easy to carry and eat of as I walked around the stadium grabbing photos and documenting the food choices at the stadium.


One thing that I liked about the Miami Heat’s venue is the location that it is in. There are numerous bars and restaurants directly south of the venue that I went to before the Miami Heat game. If you are visiting Miami, like I was, considering heading to this area a few hours before gametime to shop and eat.


Can You Bring Outside Food into Kaseya Center?

Kaseya Center does not allow fans to bring any outside food or drinks to home games or other events at the arena. However, there are plenty of bars and restaurants near the stadium before or after a game. Some of the best places to visit include Bubba Gump Shrimp, Chili’s, and Five Guys. Also, there are other bars around the venue that fans can visit.


Also, check out the Kaseya Center Parking guide to know where to park for a game! Checking out that guide will save you money and time finding parking for a game.


Finally, be sure to check out the Kaseya Center Bag Policy guide to see what you can bring into the arena.


Conclusion: My Experience and Food Recommendations

I went to the Miami Heat venue way back in 2016, so there are new things on the menu that are worth trying. However, the food item that I got back in 2016 is still at the stadium, which is the Phuc Yea fried rice stand. I think I was very hungry since I was walking around the entire stadium documenting the food and drink choices, so this was an easy food item to hold onto and eat as I walked around. Plus, I really do enjoy fried rice and shrimp, so getting that at the game was great.

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